Petronas Deepavali Ad

One thing I really look forward during festive season in Malaysia is advertisements. They always carry unique messages closely related to the spirit of muhibah and multi racial integrity. And, looking at previous episodes, PETRONAS has always been the champion in delivering their messages via advertisements. Their advertisements deliver moral values and often leave a great impact on people. Their ad for Deepavali a few years back is still one of my favorites till today.

This year they have come out with another inspiring advertisements based on a true story featuring Thavasothy, a 55-year-old History teacher, believes that failure is never an obstacle in life but a stepping-stone to success. Themed the wisdom, strength, and courage to succeed are within you, the commercial is based on Thavasothy’s life as someone who has always determined to live a normal and respectable life without any special treatment.

“There is always a light within us to overcome challenges and I hope people, by watching the commercial will be inspired and have the determination to succeed in everything they do,” said Thavasothy, who was born blind and is a father of two. M.Thavasothy who is visually-impaired has determined to inspire Malaysians through the latest PETRONAS Deepavali television commercial. Check it out!

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  • Mr. Thava, I am proud to say was the best History teacher that I ever had. He was a teacher at the Taman Petaling Girl's School in Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia. We all loved him dearly.