Bloggers Buff 2008

Bloggers Buff is back again after a year of gap. This year's event will be held in a greater extend compared to what the participants experienced July last year. There's going to be a special treat for all the bloggers as Tun Dr. Mahathir will be delivering a keynote address in the very first official event he's coming in as an Ex-Premier a blogger.

If you are a Malaysian Blogger, then make sure you grab this conference-cum-networking event. It's open to all bloggers regardless of genre, race and age limit. As much as we would love to have all the bloggers making this event a real great one, I must also tell you that only the first 100 registered participants will be allowed an entry due to very limited seats.

So, if you yet to register, cross your fingers and try out your luck at Blogger Buff 2008 official blog. I got to let you know that the seats are filling fast and yours might be the lucky 100th.

I'll see you on coming Saturday, 22nd November at PWTC.

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Bolehland live on RTM

Catch blogger B Mahendran live on RTM 1 talking in Blog, this evening at 8pm.

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