HINDRAF Rally : More in pictures & news

Now let the pictures do some talking.

Boys in blue getting ready

Part of the crowd walking towards KLCC

People are being attacked with tear gas

and chemical-laced waters by FRU

Check out more of the pictures here, here and here.

And, here are the videos of Hindraf Rally from Youtube, CNN, and Al-Jazeera

Let's see what the medias have in their hands for today.

Reports on Hindarf Rally in local medias : Check out Malaysiakini here, here, here, here, and here. The Star has it here and here and check out here for NST. The Sun reports here and here. Utusan Malaysia has the news here. Also click on Berita Harian and Metro.

What did the world read? Here are some of the the reports from International medias : CNN reports here and check out for Al-Jazeera here and here. Associated Press talks here. Channel News Asia of Singapore has the stories too.

Updates :

Harakah Daily,
Asia Sentinel, BBC, Reuters,
Agence France-Presse
Malaysiakini has more stories here and here.
Watch the video clip of Hindraf Rally report with YB S.K Devamany here.

YB Devamany said the government's policies have failed the Indian community.
Malaysiakini reports it here

More video updates at Bolehland
More pictures of the Rally at Raajarox

Another round of snaps of the rally.

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