Boycott on Deepavali open houses

Latest Update:

MIC President, Dato' Seri Samy Vellu has issued a media statement today at 5pm retracting and withdrawing the statement he made earlier that MIC will be boycotting Deepavali Open houses. Many people are disappointed with the withdrawal as the recent move by the government to demolish temples and to hold the UMNO annual general meeting on Deepavali day has hurt the feeling of Indians in Malaysia.

Original Posting:

MIC has finally come forward and voiced out on UMNO's constant downplay towards the minority Indians and Hindus in this country. Malaysiakini repoted today that MIC president S Samy Vellu has banned all Deepavali events by the party’s elected representatives as a mark of protest against the demolition of a 100-year-old temple in Shah Alam last week.

The ban would involve the party’s seven members of parliament - including one full minister, three deputy ministers and three parliamentary secretaries - and all 19 state assemblypersons. Seven of the 19 state representatives are also Exco members in various states. In a statement which was released to the media today, Samy Vellu said his own open house - an annual event - has also been cancelled.

Besides that, the fact that Umno will be holding its annual general meeting during Deepavali was also a slap in the face for MIC, resulting in Samy Vellu deciding to just cancel any festivity celebrations by the party. The act of UMNO simply shows that they don't care for the sensitivity and importance of fellow Malaysians.

2 comments to "Boycott on Deepavali open houses"

  • Samy Vellu should not have withdrawn his earlier directive to cancel all Deepavali celebrations in protest against UMNO and demolition of temple. Samy can still redeem himself and what little honour left of MIC. He should as a mark of protest, WITHDRAW MIC FROM BN ---AND JOIN OPPOSITION!

  • quite obvious it was a show right?