32 weeks later..

Thirty two weeks later, I am now back in my campus with the same old routine - morning classes, assignments, projects and due dates. Past eight months has been one of the great times of my life doing my industrial internship training in one of the multinational oil and gas company. Working at Shell Information Technology International (SITI) has given me the opportunity to learn and improve my technical, leadership, and interpersonal skills throughout the duration of my internship training. In short, It has been a great place for me to climb a steep learning curve in a short period of time.

To all my colleagues and friends, I deeply appreciate having had the opportunity to work with you guys. Millions of thanks for all the support, guidance and encouragement provided. I'll always cherish and remember the experience, memories and sweet moments we had together. Working with you people would remain one of the most memorable phases in my life. Thank you very much!

Some of my farewell snaps..

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Chalanggai The Dancing Bells

Set in Brickfields, a township in the capital of Malaysia, Chalanggai (Dancing Bells) is about Uma an eleven-year-old schoolgirl who aspires to be a dancer. Uma lives with her mom and brother in a soon to be demolished neighborhood secluded in the backyards of the rapidly developing township.

The occupants of the town are strictly addicted to a daily routine. Another common routine addict, Uma's mother, Muniammah owns a small make shift stall selling jasmine flower garlands to support her family needs. Raja, Uma's father neglected the family after severe disagreements with Muniammah. Since his absence, Muniammah has been single handedly caring for her children's needs. Every now and then, she accepts small contributions from her son, Siva. Siva, a seventeen-year-old school drop out works as a car wash attendant. Muniammah fears Siva would end up like his father, Raja. The demanding city life and the lost of a father figure affect the family deeply. This gives constant pressure to Siva as he turns to secretly hate his father even more.

The estranged Raja regrets his past and attempts to return home. The family is torn between emotions, as they feel even more vulnerable. A string of mishaps fall upon the family and they are forced to confront the many realities that lay ahead of them. Muniammah turns to her flower knitting routines to hide her feelings. Siva shoulders his burden in silence to deal with his lost. As for Uma, she dreams of pursuing her interest in dance.

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BB2007 : A Review on Responsible Blogging

Hi guys.. Here are more of the updates and reviews on Bloggers Buff 2007. You may want to have a look at the detailed reviews by Danny Foo about Bloggers Buff and Forum on Responsible blogging. He has put in all the points brought forward during the event and explained each of them briefly - which will be a good read for us to recap all the ideas discussed. Thank you dude! For those who missed the event, all I can say is that you have missed lots of fun and excitement. Keep an eye open for the latest updates as the bloggers community will meet up again in the nearest future as per the "Declaration of Kg Attap". Till we meet again..

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BB2007 Memories

As some of you might have already knew, I was at Bloggers Buff 2007 last Sunday. It was really a blast for all the bloggers who turned up for the workshop, as we learned a lots of tips and tricks about blogging and much more important, we had lots and lots of fun. Thanks to every single one of you who turned up and showed your support in making BB2007 a great success. Here are some of the snaps..

And.. check out the reviews and experience sharing posts from some of our BB2007 family members - Tulipspeaks, P.Kamalanatahan, Praveen, Yvonne Foong, Timothy Tiah, Malcom Wong, Bernard Khoo, Yuen Chi, Micheal Song, Prem, Danny Foo

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Or shall I just call it pasar ?

Yup, that's how it looked yesterday after a few backbenchers slaughtered of animals at the august place. According to Malaysiakini, there was a mass slaughter on the Parliament grounds yesterday and several MPs saw red, both literally and figuratively, over the incident.

M.Kulasegaran (DAP Ipoh Barat) : I am objecting on two grounds. This is parliment. How can we allow the slaughter of animals in the compaund. SHould this not to be done in abattoir? Morever, this slaughter of cattle is sensitive ti Hindus. Surely you should have thought about this aspect before allowing it.

Speaker Tan Sri Ramli Ngah Talib : I don't see why there should be any objection on this. This is a norm whenever there is a kenduri. Therefore it is not an unusual practice.

Fong Po Kuan (DAP Batu Gajah) : This is an august place. We use this place for meetings. If next time, the Opposition wants to slaughter other animals then waht happens? Eventhough it is a norm by BBC, it doesn't mean it is correct, and should be continued.Non-muslim Mps are sensitive to religious beliefsof others that they were even carefull with thhe type of food they brought into the parlimrnt building.

Either, parliment or pasar, always stick to the Golden Rule : Do naught onto others...

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Do naught onto others..

Do naught onto others what you
would not have them do unto you.

What is hateful to you, do not do to your fellowman. This is the entire Law; all the rest is commentary. This Golden Rule or the ethic of reciprocity is found in the scriptures of nearly every religion.

But, the greatest failure of organized religion is its historical inability to convince their followers that the Ethic of Reciprocity applies to all humans, not merely to fellow believers. Every single religions in this world religions stress that their membership must use their ethic of reciprocity when dealing with persons of other religions, the other gender, other races, other sexual orientations, etc.

But, Looking at all the cruel things happening now and then around us, I know most of us wonder and ask back the same question..

Has their religion failed them or have they failed their
religion again and again ???

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New Wonders Announced

Some of you might have read my previous post two weeks ago on the New 7 Wonders of the world.

The seven winners were announced on 07.07.07 at a glitzy show at the Benfica stadium in Lisbon after what is likely to be the biggest online poll at www.new7wonders.com. The entire event was a star-studded ceremony featuring a fanfare of musical performances and a parade of world dignitaries. There ceremonies were hosted by well known celebirities, Actresses Hilary Swank and Bipasha Basu and actor Ben Kingsley

More than 100 million votes (wow!) were cast worldwide and here are the results :

1. Chichén Itzá, Mexico

2. Christ Redeemer, Brazil

3. The Great Wall, China

4. Machu Picchu, Peru

5. Petra, Jordan

6. The Roman Colloseum, Italy

7. The Taj Mahal, India

p/s : my favourite wonder made it again! ;p

Source & Related Links : N7W Website, TheStar

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A weekend in Port Dickson

End of last week was a blast for me. I was in PD for my team's away day. It was a two days and one night outing full of fun and excitement. Myself and some of my colleagues left from Cyberjaya on Saturday morning to PD. It was approximately an hour journey before we reach Eagle Ranch Resort at 9.45am. My Saturday started with some outdoor activities such as archery, go-kart and treasure hunt. Once everyone done with the outdoor excitements, we head to Legend water Chalets.

The fun continued with Beach Soccer and Volleyball until we had no more energy to be under the sun. After a short free and easy session, the team met up again for dinner. After the dinner, we continued our session with a few more indoor games. All the team members enjoyed those games and had a good laugh playing win, lose or draw and hum mali mali hum ;p. The indoor games session continued till midnight. After a good and a very comfortable night sleep, we left PD on the next day morning with lots of cool memories.

Here are some of the them..

That's all for last weekend..
How about the coming one? Check it out here.

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A lesson from IIT Bombay

I don't know how many of you have heard of IIT Bombay, but it's a very well known and popular institute among engineering students. This institute is recognised as one of the centres of academic excellence in the India. In short, it's the MIT of India. Well.. check out this interesting true incident that happened in IIT Bombay years ago.

One night, 4 MBA students were out partying till wee hours and didn’t prepare for the test which was scheduled for the following morning. The next day they hatched a plan - they made themselves look as dirty and dishevelled as they could, then approached the dean and told him they attended a wedding reception the previous night, and on their way back, the tyre of their car burst. So they had to push the car all the way back and that they were in no condition to sit for the test.

The dean thought for a minute, and then said to the students they can sit for the test after 3 days. On the 3rd day they appeared before the dean.

The dean announced that this was a special condition test - all 4 of them were required to sit for the test in separate classrooms. They all agreed as they had prepared well in the last 3 days.

The test consisted of 2 questions, with a total of 100 marks:

Q1. Your name ................. (2 marks)
Q2. Which tyre burst? ……. (98 marks)

a) Front left
b) Front right
c) Back left
d) Back right

Kudos to the Dean !!!
Moral of the story : Don't mess up with your lecturers ;p

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Bloggers Buff 2007

Updates : TheStar Metro

Bloggers Buff 2007
is a workshop cum forum organized to gather Malaysian bloggers from different genres together to network and explore various issues and aspects of blogging. It is open to all Malaysian bloggers and about 60 places are available. Registration is through pre-registration in the website and a meagre free of RM 5 will be charged that can be paid on the day of the event. Lunch and tea breaks are served. So, make sure that you don't miss this great oppurtunity and kindly register yourself before Thursday, 5th July 2007. Check out the details below:

Objectives of Bloggers Buff include:

* To create a good network of Malaysian bloggers of different genres.
* To alienate fears and negative perception of blogs in mainstream print media.
* To promote blogging as a hobby and as a potential income generator.
* To promote blogging as a medium to exchange information.

Topics and issues to be covered:

Why Blog?
Blogging to generate revenue
Group activities
Responsible blogging and self censorship


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Dato’Ahmad Talib
( Ex-NST GroupEditor)
Yvonne Foong (updated)


Places are Limited.. Register NOW !

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