The world looked down as people stood tall

Massive police lockdown and roadblocks all over the country as early as three days ahead the rally;

Stern warnings were issued repeatedly by MIC president, Dato' Seri Samy Vellu to Malaysian Indians not to attend the rally;

Prime Minister has said it earlier during UMNO general assembly held on Deepavali, "Saya pantang dicabar!";

The boys in blue have made it much clearer and louder by obtaining a court order;

Buses carrying thousands of rally participants were turned back home at various roadblocks set up by the police;

All the major roads in KL leading towards British Embassy was completely closed down for traffic hours before the rally;

Public transport services were interrupted and LRT did not to stop at KLCC and Ampang Stations on Sunday morning;

More than 4000 police officers and FRU guarding Kualal Lumpur day and night to hack the rally down;

Canistors and water cannons were made stand by and ready to shoot anytime needed;

Law extends its arm with arrest warnings on any Hindraf supporters who attends the rally;

And again, Police IGP issued the last warning a few hours before the rally.

And yet, for the first time ever, the world looked down the towers as 30,000 people stood tall at the bottom of KLCC supporting Hindarf's call to attend the rally on Sunday. An estimated 10,000 gathered along Jalan Ampang, near Hotel Maya, with a further 5,000 on Jalan P Ramlee just before Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC) to join the rally.

Tear gas and chemical-laced water were fired on Hindraf supporters who defied police orders to disperse from the banned rally for nearly six hours. Musa said no tear gas or water cannons were used at the demonstrators during the incident at Batu Caves temple compound. But, some of the photos have proved him wrong. You may see it for yourself. Besides that, Police used water cannons on the crowd who had gathered near the iconic Petronas Twin Towers but the protestors refused to budge while some threw the tear-gas canisters back. Haris Ibrahim, a member of the Bar Council monitoring team led by Edmund Bon, was stunned by the heavy-handed police action against the protesters. On the other hand, a police officer on duty got injured as he was attacked on head with stones and broken bottles during the rally. He is also suffering from bruises on his arms, shoulders and legs.

As expected, the local medias, Both NST and The Star printed it as defiance! Malaysiakini reported that like Gandhi, the Hindraf supporters were out to show mass civil disobedience and it was prominently shown by a crowd of almost 5,000 near the Hotel Maya at Jalan Ampang. Meanwhile, in some instances the police appeared to exercise their duties with obvious signs of restraint, when compared to the many past brutal crackdowns on public dissent. CNN and Al-Jazeera gave a live update of the event giving a chance for the world to observe themselves of what happened under the shadow of twin towers.

This rally is a loud wake up call for the government and MIC that the marginalised Indian in this country are really upset with its policies. Over the last 50 years Indian have been marginalised and felt neglectedin this country. And they now want the same rights as enjoyed by other communities. Hindraf legal advisor P Uthayakumar, has declared the movement’s rally “a success” despite not being able to hand a petition to the British High Commission. He said the petition would be delivered to Britain's Queen Elizabeth II in London instead.

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