Muniandy Chinnadurai & Muthusamy Karuppiah

It has been a great weekend for me. I spent the whole of Saturday sleeping, relaxing and being a lazy bum ;D On Sunday, went to the UMIB kutty meet up at KL Central Starbucks . It was more of a lepaking and chit chating session. And of course.. as mentioned earlier, I bought The Secret as I was really looking forward to get a copy of it. And for now, here is something else that caught my attention since long ago.

It has been a trademark for Malaysian Oil & Gas company, PETRONAS to always come up with cool and creative advertisements during festive seasons. Their advertisements are always funny and play a perfect role in conveying messages that highlights great values and culture that has been forgotten in today's modern and fast moving world. Here is one of their famous advertisements which was aired during Deepavali. Personally, it's one of my favorites! ;D This advertisement not only makes me to laugh, but also to think where the today's generation is heading?

6 comments to "Muniandy Chinnadurai & Muthusamy Karuppiah"

  • yo man..wassup??how u doing?

  • yeah la dude..espcecially after yogi B and natchatra became famous..I seem to see all the indian dudes dressin up in baggy pants and few layers of baggy shirts..nigger waannaabes la ...dont they have as much common sense that such clothing is inappropriate for our humid weather...

    **praveen slaps her forehead**

  • hey vivek.. m doin fine, evryhting is up here ;p Hope you are doin great as well n enjoy ur internship training!

  • yeah la..but really the ad damn fav as well.. kaw kaw. savadi aaa irekke nowadays..kaigalzzz! ahha

    **me slaps praveen's forehead as well**

  • Once upon time the Advert became famous and mouth-talk for almost all indians :)LOL.
    Needless to say today's youngsters (not all) but some are not utilizing the freedom given in appropriate manner & incapabality to use the time for something noble.
    But Ultimately,I have visited Yours,Praveen , Mahen & Ammu's blog which has some real good write up. Thumbs UP , Guys !!

  • Dude,
    Keep to the current trend but uphold your culture...that would be my message.