R.I.P : Graphic Card, HD & PSU

I don't know what's wrong with my PC. It just decided to dig deep into my pockets.

A few months back, my power supply blasted. I had to buy a new one and that was my third power supply unit in less than two years. Thank you to the routine blackouts in my campus.

Then it was my hard disk that spoiled. Just before my semester starts, three months ago! All my mp3 collections and valuable data gone in the wind, just like that. Nothing could be retrieved. I had to buy a new hard disk - 160GB SATA 2, and reimaged my PC all over again. Also bought a DVD burner to back up my data as I don't want to lose any of them - Lesson learned the hard way.

After 2 power supplies and a hard disk made some holes in my pocket, yesterday my graphic card started to give problems. It was showing some symptoms of craziness recently and yesterday it just decided to commit suicide. So, I had no display for a day and almost went crazy. Of course no one wants things like this to happen when exam is just around the corner, right? So, today went and to buy an AGP FX5500 graphic card and a Creative 5.1 sound card as well.

I hope that will be the full stop that marks the end of list. I don’t want to folk out anymore cash to flush away all the shits happening to my PC.

Total Damage :
Power Supply Unit 1 : RM 180
Power Supply Unit 2 : RM 150
Hard Disk 160GB : RM 199
Graphic Card : RM 130
Sound Card : RM 65
DVD Burner : RM 120

Cost of Damages - ( lost of datas + travelling expenses + time wasted ) = RM 844. Damn!

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