I regret winding down my window on Deepavali

Well.. today is Deepavali. I am celebrating it just like any other day, sitting in my room completing all the project reports yet to be submitted in a few days time. There’s only four more days for my final examination and I have five papers in week. So, it's not a real happening hooh haah Deepavali over here. Slept late and woke up late in the morning just now.

Got ready and was checking the online newspapers when one of my housemates came to my room and said,"Come, let's go lunch". I nodded saying an okay and soon there were three of us driving out of campus to the mamak 6 km away from here - yes, the nearest mamak is 6 km away :(

Right at the entrance next to the guardhouse checkpoint, a Mak guard stopped us and waved at three of us sitting inside the car. We stopped immediately and wind down the windows, thinking of she's goin to wish us for Deepavali.

She came nearer and asked us, "wei, korang ni sume tak balik raya ke?" I answered, "tak de lah.. banyak keje.. lagipun rumah jauh gile nak balik. So, kite raya kat sini je lah !" and smiled at her. She replied, "Aduhai.. dah raya ni, balik lah.. Rugi je mak korang lahirkan ngkau sume".

Hahaha lolz.. :D Well.. that was a reply I never really expected to come out from her mouth. All of us looked at each others face and just drove away from there laughing our heads off.

It will take two whole days for me to travel back and forth from here to Johor Bahru. So, it's not worth going back home this year as it's my study week and I have tons of things to cover before my examinations on Monday. So, I am not taking a break for this year's Deepavali. Next year would be a merrier celebration as I won't be stuck in this campus anymore. :D

Anyway, wish you a Happy Deepavali ! Have lotsa fun and enjoy yourselves. And guess what, someone is bringing me murukku all the way from Seremban :P Thank you!

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