Merry X'mas and HNY!

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Memorial Lecture by Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton is on his first trip to Malaysia and will be addressing at the inaugural BC Sekhar Memorial Lecture today at 6pm. As far as I have learned, he is a great speaker who always wanted to make this world a better place by his own sharing and caring ways.

Well, if you yet to plan your Friday evening.. why don't you catch him live on ASTRO Awani at 6pm.

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A visit to Rumah Hope

December is here and that means Christmas is on its way. Joy of giving and sharing love is what Christmas is all about. With such caring concern in mind, MIB has planned for an afternoon with the kids of Rumah Hope in Petaling Jaya on 13th December 2008.

We are hoping to reach out to the children by donationg clothes, books, provisions and gifts. More than that, we'll be spending some time; may be an hour or two with the kids on that day. Trust me when I say that the gift of time sometimes can be more valuable and more satisfying that money.

I think giving back to the less fortunate ones is the best way to thank God for the wonderful life we have been blessed with. And I also deeply believe any simple gesture blended with true love and care has the power to make unbelievable changes on others - which reminds me Oprah's words, "Everyone wants to matter. Three nuns I didn't know made me feel like I mattered when my mother, half brother, half sister and I were on welfare and they brought us food and toys for Christmas. The best gift wasn't the toys. It was being able to give the honest answer when the other kids asked what I got for Christmas. Now, here I am wanting to give back what I was given, a sense of worth"

So, let's reach out. More info of this initiative is available at Mindsblog and you may RSVP your attendace via Facebook.

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