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Updates (22nd Nov 2007):

Malaysiakini reported today that
Giant marketing director Ho Mun Hao has denied Sashindran’s account of the incident when contacted for further details. He claimed that the CCTV recording at the outlet “clearly showed” that the technician was attempting to shoplift the items. If he wants to bring it to court, so be it. We have evidence that he did steal those items. He is cornered and (that is why) he is trying to turn the matter into a race issue now,” he said.

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sekuriti makan padi! Harapkan polis, polis pun makan padi!
That is the exact scenario on how our security and police officers behaved in the recent incident involving a Giant Hypermarket customer at Seksyen 13, Shah Alam.

Technician R.Shasindran, 22 lodged a police report as he was hit by guards of Giant hypermarket at Seksyen 13, Petaling Jaya on his head and body repeatedly with blue plastic chair until the chair broke into pieces. Worse case when they have forced R.Shahindran to write a confession that he had shoplifted a few items from the supermarket which includes silicon, car polish & perfume and insulted him and his religion repeatedly in a very humiliating manner. He claimed they then forced him to pay RM30 for the items he allegedly stole.

Later he was brought to the police station at seksyen 11 where he was forced again by the police to write another confession. He further explained that one of the police man hit him on the back using hands and the other used the butt of his gun. I would like to quote a few lines from the report lodged by Sashindran a/l Ravichandran,22 to let you know how cheap the security officers of Giant hypermarket behaved.

...Sejurus selepas itu, saya yang merupakan seorang penganut hindu yag memakai symbol keagamaan saya “ kum kum “ di dahi saya dan rantai yang ada wajah gambar tuhan (Krishna ). Pegawai itu terus memukul saya dan paksa saya untuk duduk dibawah dan seterusnya memadamkan “kum kum “ yang merupakan kesucian agama saya serta mencabut rantai keagamaaan saya daripada saya dan lalu dicampak dalam bilik tersebut. Selepas itu, pegawai sekuriti itu ambil gambar tuhan Krishna saya yang berada dalam bentuk “pendant “ dan meletakkan semula di atas dahi saya dan beritahu perkara berikut sebelum dia menendang saya dibahagian belakang, “ Sekarang kamu nampak macam syaitan “...

The police officers were not any better, They have hit Shasindran and humiliated him saying, "Now you look like son of a satan" Then, they insulted him and his ethnicity.

Semasa berada dalam kereta peronda, salah seorang polis memaki saya seperti berikut, “ India keling you apa 08 punya orangkah “, “ Saya boleh lepaskan awak dan tembak dan membuang dimana-mana sahaja".

Kemudian dia mengambil ID pekerja saya dari dompet saya dan campakkan keluar dari kereta. “You India keling pasti masuk lokap, kamu akan hilang kerja, tak payah ada ID, Ini negara Islam, apasal you ada sini, kalau mau curi balik India “ Mereka juga mengambil selipar saya dan diikat dengan tali dan menggantungkannya di leher saya dan beritahu sekali lagi berikut. “ Kamu sekarang macam anak syaitan, selapes itu dipukul sekali lagi dan dimarahi lagi “ keling, bodoh ………. “

They have further threatened to murder him if he is not willing to sign the confession and he had no choice but to sign the paper. After three hours being in the police station, he was allowed to call his father to bail him out. His hand phone and wallet were given back to him but his porch containing RM150, Castrol Multipurpose tool, Pen drive and Proskit Precision Tool went missing.

About 200 people gathered outside the Giant hypermarket Seksyen 13, Shah Alam yesterday to protest the assault on the 22-year-old man by two security guards on Friday. Members form NGO and protestors have been promised by the management to investigate their claims. People have been pressuring Giant Hypermarket authorities to take serious action against the security guards and to sack them immediately.

You may want to voice out your dissatisfaction as well! Email them to customerservice@giant.com.my or call them to show that we Bangsa Malaysia do not tolerate racism, discrimination and humiliation on any religion.

GCH Retail (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.

Lot 2, Persiaran Sukan, Seksyen 13, 40100 Shah Alam.

Tel: 03 - 5544 8888 (Head Office)

03 - 56358056 (Training and Development)

Fax: 03 - 5511 9663 (Human Resource)

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  • the issue has sparked a chain reaction.. wonder what Giant kutty gonna do about it.


  • hmmm... looks like tunjuk perasaan is the way to go huh... i saw a few demonstrations by bank's employees today and a few days ago. i wonder why our papers never report anything. oh wait... our papers are useless.

  • @tulipseaks:
    Yeah.. but they have denied it. We shall wait n see.

    You knw dude.. our newspapers are controlled by government. As u said, they don't report the truth. useless and used less!

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    Oh yes, that indian boy tells everybody about his ordeal and they believe it.

    That indian boy also denied about stealing from Giant but then there's cctv footage that shows he's lying.

    He's a cheater alright and you are a [deleted] [deleted] for believing in this [deleted].