No to War : Solidarity Vigil



TARIKH : 10/1/2009



Come to show your support and solidarity to the victims of war
Datanglah beramai-ramai untuk memberi sokongan kepada mangsa perang

Anjuran: Gabungan Anti Perang (GAP)

Hands of Gaza ! Stop the Killing ! Down with Imperialism!

For more information / untuk maklumat lanjut hubungi :
Sevan - 0169708370
Gabungan Anti Perang (GAP) c/o
Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM), 22A, Jalan Vivekananda, Brickfields, 50470 Kuala Lumpur

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Looking back at 2008

Today is the first day of another brand new start. I'm sure it's not me all alone here who always looking ahead what the nearest future holds and starts preparing for it. A big point of making goals for the next 364 days is also to take look back at what you have achieved throughout the last 12 months of 2008.

And, here's my report card of what I have promised to resolve in 2008:

Improve on my time management, to plan and prioritize my tasks accordingly. It's time to stop procrastinating and get things done by yesterday which can be done today.

I'm not a perfect planner but I have able to kept things under my control. I was an undergraduate till mid last year and was struggling a little with a flexible lifestyle which at times goes off the track in meeting timelines. Now, it's more organized. I have no choice - my work starts at 8.00 am and my biological clock is ticking to a programmed routine.

Develop a positive mental attitude by looking at problems and difficulties as challenges. I think they become less difficult to handle that way

I think I have done pretty well looking at things with a whole new perspective. As I always believed everything happens for a reason, now I got no problems but tones of challenges ushering me along with the brand new 2009.

Be passionate in everything I commit with. With such attitude I hope it would be easier for me to bring the best out of me to achieve outstanding and excellent results

It's either I do what I like or I have to like what I got to do. I’m working now; standing stable on my own feet. But, what I'm doing now got nothing to do with what I have studied. But, the most important thing is I'm loving it. To put it differently - It's finger lickin’ good; for now at least.

Eat more and gain some weight for goodness sake. Trying hard for it! (yeah, I know what you are thinking!) Only, if I can borrow some of your fats.

Ermm.. well..I have gained some but need to get a little more buffy. The doc said 2 kg more for me to enter a balanced BMI window. I shall continue my effort to balloon up myself. Hopefully I don’t explode one day :P

Not to be selfish, to be compassionate and not only think about myself. Time to lend my hand to others in any ways as others too may have doubts, fears and difficulties with life, just like me

It was a long pause since then. 4 years of Campus life didn't gave me the luxury of time to serve the needy the way I wanted to. But now, I'm free to move around and have spent last few months with a great bunch of buddies to collectively give some money, time and energy to where it belongs more. And, I have also made it a point to contribute a certain percentage of my monthly income as a community text, channeling it for goodness.

Read more books. I wish I could learn something new each and every day of 2008.

I have done good with this resolution. Finished reading “Wings of Fire”, the autobiography of Former President of India; “The Secret: by Rhonda Byrne; “Law of Attraction” by Michael J. Losier and still left with few more chapters of the book "My experiment with Truth" by Mahatma Ghandi along with some other interesting writings. Now, I have in my hands is the book "Giving - how each of us can change the world" written by Bill Clinton. And, I have made it a point to carry a book with me to fill in little gaps that pop out randomly in between a hectic routine. You have any suggestion for my next read?

Expand my network, meet more people, make new friends and earn some good money as well - all with blogging of course :P

If you noticed closely, I have left big gaps in between my posts. I wasn't able to post up more often as I used to be due my job that requires me traveling to remote areas for a long period of time. But, I have successfully expanded my circle of friendship and met some good souls through blogging and online activities. In fact just back from Penang a two weeks ago, after spending an awesome weekend with some of my blog mates.

I'll be graduating this year. Hopefully 2008 will bring me golden opportunities whereby I could stand stable in establishing the next step in my life with a good career.

Wohoo..! Do I need to say more?

And here's more off the record which gave me reasons to look back and smile at 2008. I have walked more than I intended to do - created a written budget for me to keep track of my money. I feel it's a great way to organize our cash and it’s a respect all of us need to pay for every single penny that we spend. After all, money is energy too!

To my luck, I had opportunities to meet some of the successful people and listen to them. Last September, I attend a public lecture - “Ignited Minds : The Power of the Youth” by APJ Dr.Abdul Kalam, the former President of India. And Later, had another chance to participate in a dialogue session with Datuk Vinod Shekar. And, I hope 2009 will show me the way towards more success and its people.

As I bid farewell to 2008, I'm hoping for a better 2009 and wonder what the coming year has in mind to offer me. With never a thought of sorrow; the old goes out, but the glad young year comes merrily in. Wish all of you a blessed new year.

May 2009 brings out the best in you.. Cheers!

p/s: Two double O nine; the time is here for you to buckle up.

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