An Evening Walk

Went for an evening walk just now.
Brought some clicks on the way back.

Little flowers looking up above

Beautiful skylines - before and after

Sunset clouds over the white marble mosque

Evening reflection on lake

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When Lawyers Walk..

Hats off to our lawyers. It was a massive black and white protest this morning. According to Malaysiakini, a peaceful ‘Walk for Justice’ organised by the Bar Council ended with the submission of a memorandum to the Prime Minister’s Department calling for the establishment of a royal commission of inquiry to stem the slide in the judiciary. The protesters - most of them lawyers - had taken about 30 minutes to reach the building.

"Lawyers don't walk everyday. Not even every month. But when they walk, then something must be very wrong," said Chairman of the Bar Council Ambiga Sreenevasan when addressing a strong crowd of more than 2,000 members of the Malaysian Bar and some concerned citizens at the Palace of Justice before the commencement of the walk to the Prime Minister's office.

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A walk for Peace, Justice and freedom

March 12, 1930 marks the date of a great protest. A lawyer along with 78 followers set out, on foot from Sabarmati to Dandi which is across 240 miles away from the starting point. At the end of the march, he had thousands of people behind him following his footsteps towards justice. It was a walk for Peace, Justice and freedom.

Few months back we had about 200 Pakistani lawyers burned an effigy of the president outside the main courts. It was a nationwide boycott by lawyers after President Pervez Musharraf suspended the country's top judge for alleged misuse of office. It was a walk for Peace, Justice and freedom.

Yesterday, on Sunday we had Myanmar monks challenged military rule. Ten thousand Buddhist monks and nuns marched in Myanmar in the biggest challenge against military rule in the nation for nearly two decades. The protest gained momentum as there were 10,00 supporters joined the monks carrying a large yellow banner that read: "Love and kindness must win over everything." The demonstration was the largest since 1988. It was a walk for Peace, Justice and freedom.

Now we are going to have a beginning of a Malaysian version of the above incidents. Similar news will be making the headlines of Malaysian newspapers in a few days time. This time, we are going to have Malaysian lawyers demonstrating and march to save our nations rotting jurisdiction system. In the recent emergency meeting of Bar Council, it has been decided that the lawyers in their full attire will march from the Palace of Justice to the PM's office to hand in their protest. In the meeting, the general feeling of Council members is one of outrage, and Council members felt that it is now in the national interest that members of the Bar rally together to save the judiciary. Check out their official website.

The black and white march will be held on coming Wednesday, 26/9/2007, at 11.00 a.m., from the Palace of Justice to the PM’s office in Putrajaya to give a memorandum to the Cabinet calling for the setting up of a Royal Commission to investigate the rot that has set into the judiciary since 1988. Buses have been chartered and will leave the Bar Council's secretariat at 9 am to Putrajaya. The march is open to the Public to take part as well. Read here more from The People's Parliament.

It will be a march to uphold the cause of justice uninfluenced by fear or favour. It is going to be a walk for Peace, Justice and freedom.

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LOL Mondays 5

We had spent the day moving from our farmhouse
into our new house in town.

Very early the next morning, our 3 1/2 -year-old ran into
our bedroom to wake us. up. I dressed him and told him to
play in the yard and to quit bothering us.

About 20 minutes later, he came running back.
"Mommy! Mommy!" he exclaimed,
"everybody has doorbells - and they all work!"

-Reader's Digest-

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In memory of Nurin Jazlin

A minute of silence..
My deepest condolences to her family
My sincere prayers, thoughts and energy will be with
in this time of loss and bereavement.
May God bless Nurin's innocent soul to rest in peace!


"Due to the overwhelming scientific evidence produced, the parents of Nurin Jazlin have decided to accept the body they inspected as of their daughter's.The body will be claimed this morning and funeral (burial) would probably be held after Friday prayers today."

Above is the statement from the blog set up by Nurin's uncle. The blog which was originally dedicated to the continuous search of Nurin Jazlin is now in memory of Nurin Jazlin.

The status of Nurin which was published as "missing for 31 days" has also been changed this morning to "confirmed murdered".


Right now, the nation's attention is focused on two little girls. One was cruelly murdered and lying dead namelessly. May God bless her soul. The other one is Nurin Jazrin that no one knows where in the world she is. She has been missing for more than four weeks. Also, there's a worry that her health condition is poor that she can get a stroke without proper medication.

Now, police has connected both the cases based on blood ties. The DNA test shows the body found stuffed in a sports bag on Monday in Petaling Jaya is that of missing girl Nurin Jazlin Jazimin. But the parents are in denial. They refused to accept the DNA result that the girl's body was their daughter's based on the physical condition of the girl's body. They claim that they know their daughter better than anyone else.

DNA test proved it YES! Parent's intuit saying a NO!

Oh my God! Somehow, I wish it is not Nurin :(

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In search of Nurin Jazlin

Lately we have been listening to shocking stories and cruelties. Two days back, a little girl aged between 6 to 9 years old was sexually savaged and her naked body was stuffed into a sports bag and left at the staircase of shop lot at Petaling Jaya. There were bruises on her neck, suggesting that she may have been strangled and murdered in a very cruel way. On the other hand, there were three other children reported missing since 17th September near their homes at Bukit Beruntung and the runaway girls returned home after roamed more than 50km using public transport while people searching for them for more than 48 hours.

Damn! what's happening out there? Last month, an eight year old little angel, Nurin Jazlin Jazimin disappeared and there is still no news of her whereabouts. Besides her, there are 16 other children still on police list of missing persons. Nurin Jazlin, who suffers from a kidney ailment and has high blood pressure, went missing on Aug 20 at the night market in Section 1 of Wangsa Maju, just 100m from her home. Nurin's parents Jazimin Abd Jalil and Norazian Bistaman feared the worst when they were called to Kuala Lumpur Hospital to see if the body found in a bag in Petaling Jaya Utama was their daughter. But they emerged from the mortuary relieved as they were certain that it was not their daughter, judging from the face, skin colour and body. Leaflets featuring the picture and details of eight-year-old Nurin Jazlin Jazimin, were distributed at the Sungai Besi toll plaza in Kuala Lumpur last Friday. Also, A huge banner, hangs over the Sunway toll plaza of the LDP highway in Subang Jaya urging motorists to keep a lookout for Nurin Jazlin Jazimin who has been missing for the past three weeks. There's a blog dedicated to the continuous search of Nurin Jazlin.

Please do dedicate your prayers to Nurin Jazlin and all the others that they may be found safe and return back home very soon. That’s the least we can do! Also, Please keep an eye on your children and monitor them closely. The world outside there is no safer. Take care of yourselves and your loved ones.

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Tagged : 7 random things

A month back, I was tagged by a friend of mine to list down seven random things about myself. It's the first time I got tagged. Yes, I know that it has been quite some time since then but I think it's still not too late to list them down here. jeng.. jeng.. jeng.. Here are the seven random things about myself:

1. I am a night person. I prefer to stay up late at night (sometimes till early in the morning) and be busy with all the things I need to settle down. Besides that, the internet connection is faster at early in the morning compared to any other time. So, I can sleep how late you want.. But, don't ask me to wake up early in the morning :P

2. I love to read about psychology. It helps me to understand the world within me and the universe lying around me. I find those stuffs interesting and motivating to me. So, I do not miss any reads about psychology – anything from leadership psychology to winning ways.

3. I strongly believe nothing in this world is co-incidence. I feel everything happens for a reason. Thus, I take things around me positively (even though I don't like them at times) and understand that I have no control over certain aspects of my life.

4. I moved quite often in my childhood. So, I have studied in seven different schools and now I have lots of friends to keep in touch with. :)

5. I am a person who can't easily say NO.. But, I am trying to change that habit as it can be my weak point at times. Sometimes I need to be sterner in making decisions whenever I do not agree with something or someone. So, I am learning to say NO.

6. I'm quite friendly and love to share and receive ideas with a person who has the same frequency as me. It's easier to get along and fun to spend time with those kinds of people. I can spend hours talking and listening to them.

7. Finally, I am someone who can get along with various kind of people. I think lots of people agree with it :P

Hmm.. now, who shall I pass on the torch to !?! ?!?

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Selamat Berpuasa

Fasting begins tomorrow.
To all my Muslim brothers & sisters,


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$4-trillion Suit over British

20th August 2007

Few weeks back, we had Awang Selamat, the editor of Utusan Malaysia came out with his racially provoking statement that claims that Indians in Malaysia must be thankful for what they are getting in Malaysia and to stop complaining over their community problems. According to him, Malaysian Indians are living a better life compared to people in India itself. He further challenged HINDRAF to migrate from Malaysia if they think there are other countries outside that can assure a better life for Malaysian Indians.

"Sedarkah mereka bahawa nasib kaum India di Malaysia jauh lebih baik berbanding negara lain termasuk di India sendiri. Awang cabar HINDRAF supaya berhijrah dan tinggal di negara lain, yang mereka fikir lebih baik. Tindakan HINDRAF hanya akan mengundang gelombang kemarahan masyarakat bumiputera yang sudah begitu banyak beralah untuk kaum minoriti atas nama kontrak sosial." (Utusan Malaysia, 20 Ogos 2007).

30th August 2007

Eve of Merdeka. A Malaysian human rights lawyer has filed a $4-trillion lawsuit against Britain for alleged atrocities suffered by Indians whose forefathers were brought as indentured labourers to Malaysia during colonial rule. He is taking the British Government to court seeking £1m compensation for each of the currently estimated two million Indian Malaysians. His move has been supported by Britain-based Hindu Human Rights (HHR), which organised a protest outside the Malyasian High Commission in London on Friday (31) to mark the country’s 50th year of independence from the British.

10th September 2007

The President of HINDRAF went to US to meet the Senators and the Congressmen. He is currently on a trip to brief the US Congress and rights groups on $4-trillion the lawsuit filed against the British Government last week. He'll be highlighting the negligence and failure of the British in not entrenching the rights of the minority Indians in the constitution when they granted Malaysia independence.

Related links at Al-Jazeera, AFP, Eastern Eye UK, Utusan Malaysia

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LOL Mondays 4

Mr. Gable had a leak in the roof over his dining room,
so he
called a repairman to take a look at it.

"When did you first
notice the leak?"
the repairman inquired.

Mr. Gable scowled. "Last night, when it took me two hours
finish my soup!"

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I couldn’t care less what religion you are!

Oh my gosh! We need more right minded people in Malaysia for goodness sake. Yes! right minded people who can actually accept the reality that all the religions are different children of one supreme power. It all conveys the same message of kindness, compassion, love and goodness, even though every faith is practicing it in different ways. Religions are different roads that lead us to the same destiny. They have their own diversity and inclusiveness that makes each one of them uniquely special.

But the failure of certain narrow minded people to look at the beauty of religions and the similarities between their teachings has always fail to make this world a better place to live. I was seriously in shock when an undergraduate student came out with his blog post that claims, a Muslim not suppose to let themselves being touched by a non-Muslim - even for a hair cut just because.. "tangan mereka dok sembah berhala dan kuil" !!!

"Ana tidak menyangka perbualaan kecil mesra antara ana dan ayahanda tercinta akan terarah kepada potongan rambut ana. Beliau memuji kekemasan rambut ana. Namun, pujian itu mati di situ setelah beliau mengetahui orang yang memotong rambut ini ialah orang bukan Islam. Amarahnya jelas kelihatan dari ketegasan suara yang keluar. Terngiang-ngiang lagi di telinga ana perkataannya , " Kenapa biarkan orang bukan Islam dengan mudah pegang kepala Hakim. Tangan mereka dok sembah berhala dan kuil. Kepala adalah tempat mulia!"

Don't you think that is perfectly stupid? Islam never criticizes other religion and always respect them. It disapproves of speaking ill of another’s religion. But, people try to tarnish the image of Islam. And this guy was influenced by his father to do so! I do not understand the rationale behind his message..Does that simply means, a Muslim patient can only be treated by a Muslim doctor and none of the Muslim doctors should treat a non-Muslim as they are not suppose to touch them? And i wonder if that applies to blood donation as well? Do we have to label the blood packets with the religion of the donor, stating Islam or non-Islam just like how we practice it for examination slips (you know why). No, I am not being sarcastic. I am just confused - like you!

We should always judge another human being by his practices that reflect Godliness. Don't judge them by religion - sometimes you can never do that! God will not be merciful to those who are not merciful to mankind. There is no point in professing to be a believer of any religion when all actions contradicts and contravenes God’s teachings. Islam is a beautiful religion, full of wisdom and harmony. Besides my own belief, I have always admired the teaching of Islam and its way of life. If this wonderful religion is followed properly then a typical Muslim would only be a great example to follow. But, too bad! Having SOME real narrow minded followers, it has become the fastest growing yet the world's most misunderstood religion. :"(

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UTP Bags Aga Khan Award

Malaysia's University of Technology Petronas in Bandar Seri Iskandar, Perak, is among nine projects picked for the 2007 Aga Khan Award for Architecture, the world's most prestigious architectural prize.

The other winners were:
>> Samir Kassir Square, Beirut, Lebanon
>> Rehabilitation of the City of Shibam
>> Yemen Central Market, Koudougou, Burkina Faso
>> Restoration of the Amiriya Complex, Rada, Yemen
>> Moulmein Rise Residential Tower, Singapore
>> Royal Netherlands Embassy, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
>> Rehabilitation of the Walled City, Nicosia, Cyprus
>> School in Rudrapur, Dinajpur, Bangladesh

The announcement was made by Aga Khan in an award ceremony at the Philharmonic Hall of the Petronas Twin Towers on Tuesday night officiated by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. The award is managed by a steering committee headed by Aga Khan. The Aga Khan Award for Architecture has a triennial prize fund of US$500,000, making it the world's largest architectural award. It is presented every three years to projects selected by an independent Master Jury. It was founded in 1977 by His Highness the Aga Khan, the 49th hereditary Imam of the **Shia Ismaili Muslims.

For UTP, the announcement was indeed the icing on the cake as earlier on Tuesday, 4 September 2007 they received the world's well known architect, Lord Norman Foster, who was commissioned to design UTP’s Chancellor and the Academic Complexes visited the university. He was accompanied by his wife, Lady Foster; David Nelson of Foster & Partners and Kamil Merican, CEO of GDP Architects. The guests visited various facilities in the campus including the Chancellor Hall, the Information Research Center (IRC) and the laboratories. They were in Malaysia attending the Aga Khan Award Presentation Ceremony on Tuesday at 4th September 2007 at Dewan Philharmonic, PETRONAS, KLCC.

**The Shia Ismaili Muslims are a community of ethnically and culturally diverse peoples living in over 25 countries around the world, united in their allegiance to His Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan (known to the Ismaili community as Mawlana Hazar Imam) as the 49th hereditary Imam (spiritual leader), and direct descendant of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him and his family). Source: Aga Khan Development Network.

Source and related news reads: The NST, The Star, Malay Mail, Bernama, UTP

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LOL Mondays 3

This Guy was traveling on a highway and took a stoppage to visit a restroom . Following is the conversion that happened:

I was barely sitting down when I heard a voice from the other stall saying: "Hi, how are you?" I'm not the type to start a conversation in the men's restroom but I don't know what got into me, so I answered, somewhat embarrassed, "Doin' just fine!"

And the other guy says: "So what are you up to?"

What kind of question is that? At that point, I'm thinking this is too bizarre so I say: "Uhhh, I'm like you, just travelling!" At this point I am just trying to get out as fast as I can when I hear another question. "Can I come over?"

Ok, this question is just too weird for me but I figured I could just be polite and end the conversation. I tell him,
"No........I'm a little busy right now!"

Then I hear the guy say nervously...
"Listen, I'll have to call you back. There's an idiot in the other stall who keeps answering all my questions!"

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Friendster vs Kawanster

Mind you guys, we have more and more cetak rompak webpages on the net nowdays. Here's one of them, inspired by the motto - Malaysia Boleh Juger! We now have a so-called Malaysian version of Friendster!

Ladies & Gentlemen, presenting you...*drum roll*... Kawanster. LOL :D

What's next ?!?

Will MySpace be re-engineered and published as MyLaman? ;p

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