Hindraf Rally : International spillover

Updated 30th Nov 2007, 1.13am

The leading English Language broadsheet daily newspaper in India, The Times of India has come out with an exclusive pullout covering special news, reviews, blog updates, opinion poll, videos and articles of the recent Hindraf mass rally in Malaysia.

The newspaper which has the widest circulation among all English-language broadsheets in India has the full story on increasing forcible conversions, discrimination and unfair treatment in Malaysia. You may want to read it HERE.

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Besides the local medias, the spillover effect of the Hindraf rally continues to cover the front pages of International medias, as Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M Karunanidhi has urged India's Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, asking the Union government to intervene on behalf of ethnic Indian Tamils in Malaysia seeking action to end “sufferings and bad treatment” of Tamils in Malaysia. Most of the International medias has echoed his concern. I produce you some:

The Hindu -
Karunanidhi writes to Manmohan
The Tribune - Karuna seeks PM’s help
News Today - Protect Tamils in Malaysia: MK to PM
Zee News - Karunanidhi urges PM to save Tamils in Malaysia
IBN Live - Karunanidhi urges PM to protect Tamils in Malaysia
Hindustani Times - Protect Tamils in Malaysia, Karunanidhi urges PM
The Times of India - Karunanidhi seeks help for Tamils in Malaysia
Rediff India Abroad - Karunanidhi protests ill-treatment of Tamils in Malaysia

Also check out Dinamalar's article on Karunathi's voice and a video clip from Makkal TV at RaajaRox

Meanwhile, in response to Karunanithis statement, Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Mohd Nazri Abdul Aziz has warned Tamil Nadu M Karunanidhi not to interfere in Malaysian politics. Nazri said Karunanidhi should "look at his own backyard" before interfering in Malaysia’s affairs. Malaysiakni reports it here, The Star printed it here and India's leading Tamil daily, Dinamalar has the story too, in Tamil.

கருணாநிதி மீது மலேசிய மந்திரி கோபம் - சிங்கப்பூர்: எங்கள் நாட்டின் அரசியல் விவகாரங்களில் தமிழக முதல்வர் கருணாநிதி தலையிட வேண்டாம், என மலேசிய அமைச்சர் முகமது நஸ்ரி அப்துல் அஜீஸ் ஆவேசப்பட்டுள்ளார். மலேசிய தமிழர்கள் மோசமாக நடத்தப்பட்ட விவகாரத்தில் தலையிட்டு மத்திய அரசு உரிய நடவடிக்கை எடுக்க வேண்டும்' என தமிழக முதல்வர் கருணாநிதி, பிரதமர் மன்மோகன் சிங்கிற்கு கடிதம் எழுதியிருந்தார். இது பற்றி மலேசிய அமைச்சர் முகமது நஸ்ரி அப்துல் அஜீஸ் கூறுகையில், இது மலேசியாவின் பிரச்னை. மலேசியாவின் அரசியல் விவகாரங்களில் தமிழக முதல்வர் கருணாநிதி தலையிட வேண்டாம், என்று கூறியுள்ளார்.
(Source : Dinamalar, 28 Nov 2007 11:02:00 PM)

Besides that, the Canadian Tamil and Time Magazine also printed about the plight of the Tamil community in Malaysia. Here are the links.

Tamil Canadian - Tamil Disobedience in Malaysia
Time Magazine - Facing Malaysia's Racial Issues

The United States has voiced out its comments as well. US State Department official when commenting on the crackdown of unprecedented street protests in Kuala Lumpur this month said that, "We believe citizens of any country should be allowed to peacefully assemble and express their views". T Kumar, Amnesty International's Asia-Pacific advocacy director in Washington added, "It is a huge mistake for Prime Minister Abdullah to even consider using this unjust law to crack down on peaceful demonstrators".

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