MIC set to go with new blood

The list is out putting a full stop to speculation and rumors. MIC is ready to go with it's front line army consisting of 28 people contesting for 9 parliamentary and 19 state seats. 13 new faces for state seats and 2 for parliament have been introduced in the list as most of the veteran leaders have stepped back to give away the chances to new leads. Some highlights from the list :

  • Sweeping changes at state level - 13 out of 19 assemblymen replaced with newbies
  • Woman Candidates - MIC fielding three women candidates with a new rose among the thorns, S.Tangesvari
  • Maintained : President Samy Vellu to defend Sungai Siput for the ninth term
  • Dropped : Subang MP and vice-president Tan Sri Dr K.S. Nijhar
  • Demoted : Tapah MP and vice-president Datuk S. Veerasingam to his previous Sungkai state seat in Perak.
  • Swap : MIC swaps Ijok state seat in Selangor with Umno's Bukit Melawati

Two out of nine candidates for perlimentary seats are new faces. The rest of them are defending* their seats :

Sungai Siput : Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu*
Tapah : M. Saravanan
Hulu Selangor : Datuk G. Palanivel*
Kapar : Komala Krisnamoorthy*
Subang : S. Murugesan
Kota Raja : S.A. Vickneswaran*
Cameron Highlands : S.K. Devamany*
Teluk Kemang : Datuk S. Sothinathan*
Segamat : Datuk Dr K.V.S. Subramaniam*

MIC would be fielding only fresh faces in four states - Kedah, Malacca, Perak and Johor - while dropping notable figures such as Perak MIC chief G Rajoo and Johor MIC chief KS Balakrishnan. The list of new faces for state seats are :

KEDAH - Bukit Selambau : S Krishnan
KEDAH - Lunas : S Ananthan
PENANG - Perai : L Krishnan
PERAK - Hutan Melintang : S Thangesvari
PERAK - Pasir Panjang : Dr S Vasan
PERAK - Sungkai : Veerasingam
PERAK - Behrang : M Ramasamy
SELANGOR - Batu Caves : T Mohan
N.SEMBILAN - Jeram Padang : V Mogan
MELAKA - Asahan : R Perumal
JOHOR - Permas : M Munusamy
JOHOR - Tenggaroh : T. Murukasvary
JOHOR - Kahang : R Vidyananthan

The six who would be defending their state seats would be :

PENANG - Bagan Dalam : PK Subbaiyah
PAHANG - Sabai : M Davendran
N.SEMBILAN - Port Dickson : T Rajagopalu
SELANGOR - Bukit Melawati : K Parthiban (formerly in Ijok)
SELANGOR - Seri Andalas : A Kamala Ganapathy
JOHOR - Gambir : M Asohan

It's done. The list is out. Now its time for the most awaited battle. The party won all nine parliament and 19 state seats during the 2004 general election. But then, it's not gonna be as easy as that for 2008, especially after the mindset change and major political awakening among Malaysian Indians following the recent rallies and street protests. And yet, MIC is anticipating a 100 percent victory, although they know this is not going to be easy.

I wonder how the people are going to react towards this list. It's ain't like years ago. Now it's people's power which is going to decide the fate of MIC. It might give Samy Vellu a great birthday gift on March 8, else it might just colapses MIC's political domination for more than two decades being the sole party that represents Malaysian Indians.

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