Bus Crash : It wasn't her fault

I often travel long hours on road. In fact it has been a routine for me for the past four years. Most of the time, I’ll be on bus. And I have a little sister who frequently travels half a day long on bus to spend her semester holidays at home. We are not alone. There are hundreds of you; your loved ones out there rely on such public transport to travel back home, just like us. So did the three of them.

Lee Nian Ning.

Mohd Zailani.

Pang Boon Eng.

But they are no longer with us now. We have lost all of them in a fatal bus crash on 25th of January. :(

This is what that is left, when the bus was lifted up back again.

We all know it wasn't their fault to travel on that bus. It was the bus company's fault not to provide sufficient trainings and let an incompetent driver to take charge of their bus. It was the authority's biggest mistake to let a bus which owns 13 summonses to stay on road - being a killer machine. How can a company with 13 summonses on it's bus could have operated it on the road? :o Federal traffic chief Senior Asst Comm (II) Datuk Hamza Taib said that he will take action against the bus company. Rubbish! Don't we pay them to screen reckless drivers from driving on road? :@ We always wanted proactive measures. Not some silly reasons to cover up the officers' stupid mistakes.

Sometimes I wonder how can a nation with finest roadways in Asia also has the highest number of road accidents. That means something is very wrong somewhere and it unacceptable. This was not the first one. We have lost even more lives in 2007. It was august last year when a bus hit a protective barrier on the side and careened 20 yards off the road before flipping over and falling into a 20-feet-deep ditch. More than 20 died :(

And now, we have lost three more. Nian Ning's father knows nothing could bring back his daughter, but he demands for justice to be in place. Meanwhile, friends of Lee Nian Ning have set up a Facebook Group in Loving Memory of Lee Nian Ning and a web blog (http://www.buscrashnomore.blogspot.com) to seek signatures for a petition in order to express appalled anger towards the bus crash incident. They are going to send it to the Transport Ministry after Chinese New Year.

"We don’t know how much we can change the situation but we know that something needs to be done and someone has to start something," that's what they said. I think all of us should hold hands together and join them in voicing out our concern towards safer long distance bus rides for fellow Malaysians.

Innocent lives are continuously being lost on our roads. We had enough. It's time to throw away our 'buat dunno' attitude and do something to save lives. We never know. It could be ours as well.

I have signed the petition. HAVE YOU?

p/s: It's festive season. Be careful on roads.

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