MIC list : 11th hour changes

Just barely before less than a day for nomination, Samy Vellu has made last minute changes to MIC's candidate list. He dropped his first-choice candidate for the Tenggaroh state seat in Johor M Soorianarayanan yesterday by replacing him with MIC Johor Wanita chief T Murukasvary. With such decision, it makes the number of woman candidates contesting for MIC to be four altogether, with two new faces including T Murukesvary herself. Samy Vellu said that the decision was made due to requests from Wanita MIC members who wanted a woman candidate. But, sources reported that, Sooriyanarayanan was dropped from the list as he is under the Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) investigations. Malaysiakini has more of the story.

Meanwhile, Manoharan Malayalam who is currently held under ISA has decided to contest in the Kota Alam Shah state assembly seat. After weeks of speculation, the DAP has confirmed that lawyer and Hindraf leader M Manoharan will face People's Progressive Party’s (PPP) Datuk Dr Jason Goh Teck Chai in the general elections. This would make Manoharan the first Hindraf leader - out of the five that are currently detained in Kamunting - to run in the elections.

All the political parties has came out with their finalized list of candidates. Everything will be confirmed in a few hours time as the nomination would be held today from 9 to 10am.

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