Campaign of Roses

Updated : 17 Feb, 2.00pm

A summary of International media updates on the rally:

There are a lot of videos from today on Youtube.

BBC News Video : Malaysian protest broken up
Sify News : 60 held as Malay police stop ethnic Indians' rally
Reuters : Tear gas scatters Malaysian 'flower power' protest

Also check out MSNBC, BBC, CNN, Al Jazeera and Channel News Asia for the stories.

Malaysiakini, NST and The Star had their news reports updated as well.

And, here's more pictures of the stand off.

Updated : 6.00pm

Police released all the arrested people by today evening after taking their statements. I received information from Mahen few hours ago that all of them were given food late in the afternoon and the police started to release the people batch by batch. Those who were arrested earlier in the morning were released first.

Mahendran, who was arrested near the Masjid Jamek area in the morning had managed to contact Malaysiakini to give updates on the happenings at Pulapol. The last batch of them was released a while ago in the evening. Less than ten campaigners were remanded under police custody for further investigations.

Some of the pictures are available here.

Original Posting

Today hundreds of people proceed with the campaign of roses for PM despite the stern warning from police. Roads to parliament were closed and roadblocks set up in few places around KL to crack down the rally. Malaysiakini has quoted that around 300
Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) supporters gathered for the peaceful rally, early this morning. Some of the people from ground zero mentioned there were around 400 people at the spot. The FRU behaved aggressively as they started to fired teargas and chemical-laced water cannons in a bid to disperse the campaigners. Surviving the battle between guns and roses, almost half of the crowd moved towards Pudu Kottumalai Pillayar Temple after receiveing orders to disperse.

Around 200 more people, including some of the bloggers and elderly people were arrested as the crowd started dispersing and brought over to Pulapol. Popular blogger Mahendran and Hindraf’s rose campaign organiser S.Manickavasagam were also arrested during the nab. All of them are now detained at the parking lot of Pulapol before receiving further instructions from the police.

One of the campaigner who was arrested at LRT station.
An elderly couple was also arrested from the spot

Part of the crowd from Pulapol with one guy is seen hanging the picture of The King around his neck

As for now, there was no food or drinks given to the arrested ones. A food stall was set up a while ago next to the Pulapol parking lot, which gives the chance for the arrested ones to buy their meals themselves. It seems some of the peopele were detained in Pulapol since 3am without given any meals. They were arrested earlier around midnight during police road blocks at tol plazas, where Indian motorists heading towards KL city were stopped for check ups.

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