GE 2008 : Will they walk their talk?

With less than two weeks before election, the 13 days campaign period has just started two days ago. All the parties have come with their manifestos full of impressive notes. Again, tons of promises and promises and promises. But how far would the promises in manifesto will be made real to reach the people of Malaysia? That's a big question mark, I would say!

As usual, Barisan Nasional came out with the manifesto that ensures security, peace and prosperity. The 24-page manifesto shows the progress report on the left and promises on the right focusing on economy, balanced development, education, law and order, welfare, public service, corruption and governance as well as religion and foreign policy with supported by statistics. You may have a look at the manifesto and download a copy from BN's 2008 election website. If you can get a copy of their 2004 manifesto, then that would be more interesting though :P

Opposition parties voiced out their manifestos as well. All of them have agreed with People's declaration. They stand strongly holding hands together in order to deny 2/3 of BN's majority. They have to acquire a minimum 75 wins for parliamentary seats in order to break BN's domination for the past 50 years.

For 2008 election manifesto, DAP kept it short and sweet with their motto - Just change it! If DAP elected to be the government, then they promise for safer streets, better living standards, quality education, healthy environment, cleaner water and transparent government. Promised a number of goodies including a bonus of up to RM6,000 per family for households earning RM6,000 or less per annum in their eight-point manifesto with the tagline ‘Just Change It’. Their ceramah schedules and election updates available here.

PKR just announced their manifesto moments ago. The 22 pages manifesto available in all four languages making sure that the contents reach all the people of Malaysia. Carrying the slogan a 'new dawn for Malaysia', the party promises :
A constitutional state for all - upholding unity, integrity and human rights;
A vibrant, prosperous economy for all - equitable distribution for better competitiveness;
A safer Malaysia for all - a cleaner police force for safer streets;
An affordable Malaysia for all - better control of prices for petrol and basic goods; and
Better education for all - universal access to higher quality education.

We are now being served with sweet words and impressive promises. Think twice and exercise your vote wisely. It's time for proactive stance to make our lives better. Make sure you vote for true honesty, integrity and welfare; vote for change we can believe in; vote for the freedom and peace. In short, vote for a better future.

It's people power. We decide; we govern. The choice is in our hands. Give your five minutes of voting time for someone who are willing to commit five years of their life time serving the community. Quoting Haris Ibrahim , "We do not vote to secure 20% for the Chinese and 9% for the Indians. We vote to secure 100% for all Malaysians, for all anak-anak Bangsa Malaysia."

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