For a Better Malaysia

Sometimes we have to be more aware and a little proactive to create a BetterMalaysia that we deserve. A new website was launched recently, designed to enable every single Malaysian to do their part to make make Malaysia a safer and a better nation to live.

The main motive of the web is to help overcome the obstacles Malaysians face in getting access to free, fair and balanced information. Do read about the site’s goals, how you can be a part of the movement, and most importantly, how to spread the word.

This is the first news letter, spreading awareness about the rise in crime. You may download the pdf and high resolution jpg versions of Bahasa Malaysia, English and Chinese news letters.

The Tamil version of jpg was uploaded moments ago.
In case you need a higher resolution jpg or pdf version of the the Tamil newsletter, just drop me a note.

Hopefully, more and more Malaysians will be part of this initiative. It's time to stand up, and take the first step to being a better Malaysia!

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