Naana Neeya

The long awaited local Tamil movie, Nana Neeya is on screens now. The songs were released last year and I still remember writing a soundtrack review on The Blank Page. I haven't got the chance to catch the movie on a big screen, leaving me no credibility to write a review about the screenplay and the movie in a whole. But, you can check out how Mindsblog has rated the movie.

The local Tamil film industry is highly competitive. Only a handful ends up making successful movies and that did not stop Nana Neeya's director Dharmavathi from pushing her luck in delivering a quality movie with plenty of laughs. In her recent message, she highlights the ugly mindset of the people that lies behind the downfall of the Tamil movie industry in Malaysia :
When is the Malaysian Indian public going to change its mindset that Malaysian made movies are no good compared to the ones from India. How many NS Krishnas, GANAs and Shans are going to become victims to this industry just because they are passionate about wanting to see growth in our industry. There are 1.8 million Indians in this country and we do not even have 10K viewers for our movies but movies like Shivaji the Boss can collect the same amount like Lord of the Rings.
Nana Neeya -The full length comedy movie is on cinemas now for three weeks with five showings a week. Make sure you grab your tickets and drop your support.

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