Naana Neeya soundtrack review

Finally, after a hectic week I am back again! I have manage to take a pause from all the piled up works and projects to review about something cool enough for you guys to know. Well, this time I am going to talk about a local album that is making its name out there in the market right now! Well, I am a music person. I don't play music but I love listening to one. And, I am kind of fussy when comes to songs and music. I do not only pay attention to the tune and music but also the lyrics and its meaning. So, it really takes lines of nice lyrics and captivating music for a song to make me listen to it again and again. Lately, only a few songs made it up to that level and I was really surprised when knew that some of them are from our local album which was released recently at the Global Indian Shopping Festival at Midvalley.

Exactly! I am talking about the audio album of the movie, Naana Neeya. I do not know about the movie, but, all I can say is the songs are really worth listening again and again. I was quite impressed with the songs, Yennanggal Neeya and Silir Katahal Pani sung by Dharma in the album. I am listening to them right know, in fact I am listening to both the songs since morning, again and again, and I personally feel this album the has lift up the standard of local music as I find the songs in it much better than some of the Tamil movie songs out there. The lyrics of the two above mentioned songs are really good and I have to salute Dharma for her fantastic voice and real good Tamil pronunciation throughout her songs. It has been very long since I listen to such vocal especially when it comes to local albums. Without any doubt, she’s my favorite singer in the album.

Vizz Da Blizz

Besides that, the album also has a good mixture of hip hop and rock songs which I guess already caught the attention of lots of hip hop fans. If you are n hip hop lover, then you are going to blast your speakers with the title song, Naana Neeya. This song has three different versions - Tamil, Malay and English. It’s really cool to listen to a song in three different languages. The Tamil version of Naana Neeya song sung by a 12 years old young man, Vizz da blizz. The Malay and English versions are by MC Loga and DJ Hazel. MC loga and DJ Hazel together with our youngest Malaysian Indian talent to have sung for an album as a solo vocalist (Read= Vizz Da Blizz) has really done a great job and I think it is part of the team's effort to establish this album among all the races in Malaysia. And, I heard that an independent producer is working on to have the same in Chinese version! Hmm.. Now I can sea true racial integration in practice. Well, that gives us a hint that the movie might have the elements of Muhibah spirit and describes the uniqueness of Bangsa Malaysia. May be! We shall wait and see then.

Okay, I am not gonna talk about rest of the tracks in the album. It’s now your turn to get a copy and find out more yourself. There are all together 8 tracks in the album covering all types of music from Hip Hop, melody to rock. I managed to get the preview songs courtesy on Cresendo production. Perhaps, you may want to listen to the full promo at The album is out in the stores now. Make sure you get your original copy. You can contact the team at incase you guys have any queries. For people around KL, you can ring Mr.Pralobhanan at 016-3905439 as he provide door to door delivery service for the album. If you are in Cyberjaya / Puchong / Kelana Jaya area, you may contact Mr.Novinthen at 01257 44227 for the album to reach your doorsteps.

There will be a live interview with the crews of the Naan Neeya movie in our local radio stations very soon. Check out the official website for more info on that and to watch the trailer of the Naana Neeya movie. They even have the lyrics published there and lots of pictures at the gallery. Owh yeah, there are also attractive special gift to be given away by producers of Naana Neeya to best commentators. The winners will be chosen by IndianVibez and Cresendo productions So, what are you waiting for? Go and get your fingers typing!

This blog review is sponsored by and Cresendo Productions. And, here is a friendly reminder from TheBlankPage : Get your ORIGINAL copies and support our local artists. Say NO to piracy.

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