Happy Tamil New Year!

Updates : April 14 2008

Looks like we have more reasons to celebrate this very day. It's New Year for Malayalees and Sikhs - a double celebration !

Wishing Vishu ashamshegal to all Malayalees and Happy Vasakhi to my Sikh friends. May this new year brings lots of prosperity, abundance, love, good health and wealth to all of you and your family :)

Original Posting : April 13 2008

Today, April 13, the month of Chithirai has arrived and with it the Tamil New Year’s Day, an auspicious day to start new ventures and undertakings for Tamilians all around the world.

To my non-Tamil speaking readers, this is how you wish your friends in Tamil - "Tamizh Putthandhu Vazhtukkal." Go give them a surprise. :P

Happy Tamil New Year !!!

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