Of Indians and their political curse.

Have you ever wonder who have been the number one loyal supporters of BN all this while? Indians. Yes, Indians I would say, not the Malays; nor the Chinese. Naturally Indians have this two habits of being extremely sincere and getting too emotional at times - which can either serve as plus points or weaknesses depend on how those qualities are applied for the benefit of the community. That might explain your doubt on why many Indians love to work in the same company for 25 donkey years regardless of their salary increments. But don’t try asking them about this, as they might easily get emotional and shoot back at you for questioning their loyalty to whom they respect.

That was how the exact relationship between the Indian community and BN has been all this while - for the last five decades. MIC has been the only choice which they believe could voice out their problems and find them the solutions they need. There were no second thoughts about alternatives. All they knew was to cross out the “Dacing” on the ballot papers for the bits and pieces they receive from time to time. Meanwhile, on the other hand, MIC has done his part well for years being a perfect pipeline funneling most of the Indian votes for BN.

But that isn't the scenario anymore. For the very first time ever the Indian community abandoned BN and voted the opposition, as they might find BN’s relevance via MIC diminishing by the day. They were too fed up with the false promises which have bottled up and cracked the layer of sincerity between the Indians and MIC. As everything was just waiting to burst out, this 5 of Hindraf jumped into the scene to fuel up the burning frustrations and grievousness of Indians, letting the mindset change among the community to spread more than double the momentum. No one could agree more that the entire political awareness among Indian voters were sparked by Hindraf which later on evolved into a spirit of Makkal Sakthi symbolizing people's power.

End of the day, Hindraf Leaders were arrested under draconian ISA. BN got wacked; MIC collapsed to ground. And now, the community is still angry with the lack of progress and even angrier at the detention of the Hindraf 5. And to make things from bad to worse, the government has decided to stay stubborn in denying proper medical facilities for Uthayakumar, a diabetic. He has not been allowed his medication nor a special diet in Kamunting forfeiting his right to medical care under whatever circumstances. Monday afternoon, Uthayakumar was rushed to the Taiping district hospital after he became ill and he was prematurely discharged back to Kamunting on Friday. That has caused almost 300 of his supporters to put up protest at Kamunting Detention Centre voicing out their dissatisfaction. All the parties are urging the government to focus on Uthayakumar’s health conditions. Police reports were made at certain parts of the country and Hindraf is demanding for immediate medical attention. Everyone is in fear for the life, safety and health of H5 leaders. Recently, Uthayakumar's mother has appealed to PM for the immediate release of her son who now suffers silent death in permanent incarceration.

The act of PM to keep on pretending deaf to all the calls to get ISA detainees the basic needs might end up in another tragedy. If Uthaya who has been a diabetic patient for years fails to get regular medication on time, he can be subjected to various related illnesses associated with diabetes such as cardiovascular disease, chronic renal failure, retinal damage, nerve damage and poor healing of wounds that could cause serious danger to his health.

If any of that happens, then that would be the end of Indians' support for BN as they will never be able to forgive the government for their inhumane act. Even many other Malaysians which have the sense of
humanity and respect for basic human rights would find it difficult to vote in for an inhuman government. The government has already failed once miserably for not listening to the rakyats' voice. If they continue to do so, then they might just dig up their own graves before the next elections.

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  • NIce piece and photo ;-)

    Agreed with u bro. We are too emotional sometimes.

    Maybe thats why i still support MIC and Datuk Sri. :) .... And of course I support Hindraf too :) .


  • @novin :
    Thanks bro. Ithu nalla irukke! Hahaha.. Actually, it doesn't matter who we support; what matters more is the cause we support!

  • haha..nice piece pu :)
    we have been lead to blieve tat we only have one choice all this while, now tat indians are politically awaken, more and more choices are there..

    democracy rules