Makkal Sakthi Song

S.A Arun, the local music director who released his first hit album Isai Puyal is now back again with the launching of his single song dedicated to the spirit of Makkal Sakthi. It's an inspirational national folk with an unique mixture of various moods of music. And, Arun has been kind enough to have the copyright released to for the song title Rajavai Tundiyathal from the single by Mr. Yuga to be aired, remixed, duplicate in CD, transfer to mobile devices, public performance and sharing - in order for this piece of music to reach as many ears as possible.


Song Title : Makkal Sakthi
Singer : Yuga - Chorus Nantha, Sivanes, Puspa & Additional Swara By S.A. Arun
Lyrics : Karthik
Music : S.A. Arun
Producer : Yuga
Production : S.A. Arun's Pro Tools Studio

Song Recorded, Mixed & Mastered By S.A Arun

ps: Unauthorized Copying of this Recording in Private Album is Prohibited.

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