Yes, I'm a blog addict and I'm lovin' it !

Sorry for leaving The Blank Page a little blank without any updates for the past one week. Last week was a real busy one for me. And, I'm aware that the next few days are going to be worse than that, eating up most of my time. I have no choice but to deal with increasing workloads and approaching datelines.

It's not that I have gave up on blogging, but just that I need to sort through some issues that have taken full priority at this moment. So, forgive me if I neglect this blog for a few more days. I promise to be back soon with regular updates, hopefully by next week as I'm still very much addicted to blogging and blog hopping :) hehehe :P

No, it's not only me! I guess there is great number of people out there getting hooked to this new tool of technology, day by day. As for Malaysia, some say we have about 500,000 active bloggers (that's half a million people. wow!), ranking the country among the highest in the world. I'm puzzled why more and more people are getting addicted to blogosphere!? Every minute there is a new blog; a new blogger.

Well, may be because of the fact that blogosphere has proved itself to be a worthy medium to share collective perspectives and ideas, at least after its magic influence on last GE results. If not, I wonder why on earth would a Deputy Chief Minister spend his precious time to drop a piece of his mind on a web blog despite the tight schedule of weekly meetings, office works, parliamentary sessions and what not!

Anyway, I have no worries. I'm a blog addict and I'm loving it - just like most of you and the DCM of Penang. Till we meet again, enjoy my archives! Later..

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