My 2008

Welcome to 2008. It's time for an outstanding beginning and great achievements. My new year resolutions as I promised :) All I resolve is to :

Improve on my time management, to plan and prioritize my tasks accordingly. It's time to stop procrastinanting and get things done by yesterday which can be done today;

Develop a positive mental attitude by looking at problems and difficulties as challenges. I think they become less difficult to handle that way;

Be passionate in everything that need to commit with. With such attitude I hope it would be easier for me to bring the best out of me to achieve outstanding and excellent results;

Eat more and gain some weight for goodness sake. Trying hard for it! (yeah, I know what you are thinking!) Only, if I can borrow some of your fats :(

Not to be selfish, to be compassionate and not only think about myself. Time to lend my hand to others in any ways as others too may have doubts, fears and difficulties with life, just like me;

Expand my network, meet more people, make new friends and earn some good money as well.. all with blogging of course :P

Read more books. For now, I've started reading the book, My Experimeriment with truth. My next read would be Wings of Fire and Law of Attraction along with some of my favourite Tamil books. I wish I could learn something new each and every day of 2008;

and finally, I'll be graduating this year. Hopefully 2008 will bring me golden oppurtunities whereby I could stand stable in establishing the next step in my life with a good career. I need to get the ball rolling.

Happy New Year and wish you some good times ahead. All the best with your resolutions and let's keep the momentum alive all year along.

4 comments to "My 2008"

  • Hi Puvanan, I have been following your blog and bolehland . Hope you have a good 2008 ahead. I have just started a blog too (still in infancy stage) and was trying to get the myblogspot thingy going but i am stuck as i don't know how to use the link tracking code. Kindly advise me on how to rectify this issue. Thanks

  • @Dr Saravanan R:

    Hi Dr, Thanks for your support for The Blank Page and Bolehland. Nice to know that you have started blogging too.

    And.. I am not clear on what you mean by "link tracking code". Is it about writing words where links attached to them, so that someone will be referred to the attached webpage when they click on the word? If that is the case, then all you have to do before publishing a post is to:

    Make sure your draft is in compose' mode, and not in 'edit html' mode. Check your top right corner of the draft window to ensure that;

    Highlight the word/s you wish to hardcode and then click on the link icon (at the top row of the draft window, next to the text color icon) and a new window will appear;

    And then you may type in your preferred link at the appropriate text box. Click OK and it's done.

    Let me know if my reply fails to reflect your question accurately :)

  • all the best with the resolutions!

    but u seriously wanna put on weight ah???????


  • Hi Puvanan, nice monday joke. Nice to know that at least there's somebody who's enjoying Modays. Puvanan, what i was trying to ask you is actually about myblogspot. If you go to the edit setting, right at the bottom there's a link tracking code which u are supposed to copy and paste in your blog. problem: where do i post it? tried posting it in the HTML/Javascript page element but no avail. So i'm just stuck there for now.