Krishnasamy shot dead

I was in Johor Bahru yesterday evening when received a phone call from a friend to inform that Datuk Krishnasamy was shot dead in the late afternoon. It was a real shocking news for the people of Johor to know that the people friendly state assemblyman was shot dead by an unidentified assailant at the MIC Johor headquarters while on his way to attend a meeting. According to Bernama, Johor deputy police chief Mohd Mokhtar Mohd Sharif said Krishnasamy's body was discovered lying in a pool of blood by Johor Puteri MIC chief R Vithayamohan around 2.10pm. The Star quoted that he might be shot by a professional gunman as the gunpoint was below his left eyebrow and the bullet went through to the back of his head.

Datuk Krishnasamy known as a hardworking and a people oriented leader who never fails to help the needy. He was the ADUN for Tenggaroh for 3 terms, and was known to be a man with good reputation. He cared for people of all races. Money was always allocated to Chinese schools and temples in his constituency. He has helped financially to build places of worship regardless of religious background. His nature to keep his promises has also become one of the reason people are going to miss him deeply. He often keep his words in anything he promises to the people. Recently he has helped to rebuild SJK(T) Jalan Ismail, Mersing under his close supervision and the construction was completed within a month before the school reopens, as promised.

He was a bold and daring man who worked hard for his constituents and the Indian community. He was one of the potential leaders to lead the state MIC. His death is a great loss to the people of Johor and MIC. May his soul rest in peace.

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