I signed up for PPP

PPP. What is this triple P all about? Yeah..It's PayPerPost and I think I am not the last person hearing of PPP. If you noticed, I have already had my PPP widget at my sidebar months ago and now it's time for me to give it a try. Okay, I confess I join it for money! For me, this could be the right moment to monetize my blog! I guess nothing can be as wonderful as getting paid to do what you love to do.

The idea is very simple and clear. PayPerPost is a site that allows the Advertisers to offer Bloggers opportunities to promote their service, product or website on their blogs to help create a buzz and drive traffic to their website. You advertise for them and they pay for it. It's that simple. But, the uniqueness of this system is that I get to choose about products and services I like to write about them in own way without polluting my blog and its style.

What I love most about PayPerPost or PPP is that I don’t have to wait for others to view my page or click on an ad to get paid. I can actually earn just by writing. I came across PPP through fellow bloggers and right now they are making good money. So, It's time for me and I have a big amount of study loan to pay back :P