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A month back, I was tagged by a friend of mine to list down seven random things about myself. It's the first time I got tagged. Yes, I know that it has been quite some time since then but I think it's still not too late to list them down here. jeng.. jeng.. jeng.. Here are the seven random things about myself:

1. I am a night person. I prefer to stay up late at night (sometimes till early in the morning) and be busy with all the things I need to settle down. Besides that, the internet connection is faster at early in the morning compared to any other time. So, I can sleep how late you want.. But, don't ask me to wake up early in the morning :P

2. I love to read about psychology. It helps me to understand the world within me and the universe lying around me. I find those stuffs interesting and motivating to me. So, I do not miss any reads about psychology – anything from leadership psychology to winning ways.

3. I strongly believe nothing in this world is co-incidence. I feel everything happens for a reason. Thus, I take things around me positively (even though I don't like them at times) and understand that I have no control over certain aspects of my life.

4. I moved quite often in my childhood. So, I have studied in seven different schools and now I have lots of friends to keep in touch with. :)

5. I am a person who can't easily say NO.. But, I am trying to change that habit as it can be my weak point at times. Sometimes I need to be sterner in making decisions whenever I do not agree with something or someone. So, I am learning to say NO.

6. I'm quite friendly and love to share and receive ideas with a person who has the same frequency as me. It's easier to get along and fun to spend time with those kinds of people. I can spend hours talking and listening to them.

7. Finally, I am someone who can get along with various kind of people. I think lots of people agree with it :P

Hmm.. now, who shall I pass on the torch to !?! ?!?

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  • Hey hey.. guess wat.. even i noe, how difficult it can be to sae NO to some1... thn agn i realised..at times we hav to learn to sae No.. Ha!!.....

  • hey there, u r a night person, more like a bat who's awake at night and sleeps in the day. Hehee

    Anyway, glad to know more things about you.

    Rock the blog.....


  • @nasreena
    Yes..it's not easy. But, sometimes we have to!

    @what a life
    Yup.. I am batman. ;P You can figure it out yourself by looking at the time stamp at the bottom of my blog posts :P

  • That was really sweet.. I know it really is hard to say no at times,i learnt it the hard way thou' ... I like reading stuffs abt psycology too .. And there is nothing that doesn't happen without a reason..