An Evening Walk

Went for an evening walk just now.
Brought some clicks on the way back.

Little flowers looking up above

Beautiful skylines - before and after

Sunset clouds over the white marble mosque

Evening reflection on lake

6 comments to "An Evening Walk"

  • Beautiful pics. U have the potential to be an artistic cameraman. Lolz

    Anyway, I enjoy looking at nice sceneries especially the greens and the mountains while travelling on the way to Taiping. Amazing...

    Good job...

  • wonderful photos..i always loved sunsets!

    take some photos of ur varsity also la... never seen ur campus b4!


  • Absolutely beautiful pics :). Click more of them, they look so scenic.

  • @what a alife

    Hi there! thnx a lot. Yes, I agree. Perak offers some of the beautiful sceneries in Malaysia such as beautiful caves, clear waterfalls, and green mountains. I always enjoyed them here. :)


    haha.. sure! Those pictures are some of the random sceneries around my campus. They are just tip of the iceberg. You will be amazed to have a look at the academic buildings over here. I'll post some of the pics when I'm done with it.. :)

  • nice photos! pictures of the sky are always my favorite.. :)

  • @Shalini Gowrisankar

    Thank you dear. I'll try to click more of them when time permits.


    hi, thnx. me too! I have always admired the beauty of skylines and the amazing colour tones it paints above us.