I couldn’t care less what religion you are!

Oh my gosh! We need more right minded people in Malaysia for goodness sake. Yes! right minded people who can actually accept the reality that all the religions are different children of one supreme power. It all conveys the same message of kindness, compassion, love and goodness, even though every faith is practicing it in different ways. Religions are different roads that lead us to the same destiny. They have their own diversity and inclusiveness that makes each one of them uniquely special.

But the failure of certain narrow minded people to look at the beauty of religions and the similarities between their teachings has always fail to make this world a better place to live. I was seriously in shock when an undergraduate student came out with his blog post that claims, a Muslim not suppose to let themselves being touched by a non-Muslim - even for a hair cut just because.. "tangan mereka dok sembah berhala dan kuil" !!!

"Ana tidak menyangka perbualaan kecil mesra antara ana dan ayahanda tercinta akan terarah kepada potongan rambut ana. Beliau memuji kekemasan rambut ana. Namun, pujian itu mati di situ setelah beliau mengetahui orang yang memotong rambut ini ialah orang bukan Islam. Amarahnya jelas kelihatan dari ketegasan suara yang keluar. Terngiang-ngiang lagi di telinga ana perkataannya , " Kenapa biarkan orang bukan Islam dengan mudah pegang kepala Hakim. Tangan mereka dok sembah berhala dan kuil. Kepala adalah tempat mulia!"

Don't you think that is perfectly stupid? Islam never criticizes other religion and always respect them. It disapproves of speaking ill of another’s religion. But, people try to tarnish the image of Islam. And this guy was influenced by his father to do so! I do not understand the rationale behind his message..Does that simply means, a Muslim patient can only be treated by a Muslim doctor and none of the Muslim doctors should treat a non-Muslim as they are not suppose to touch them? And i wonder if that applies to blood donation as well? Do we have to label the blood packets with the religion of the donor, stating Islam or non-Islam just like how we practice it for examination slips (you know why). No, I am not being sarcastic. I am just confused - like you!

We should always judge another human being by his practices that reflect Godliness. Don't judge them by religion - sometimes you can never do that! God will not be merciful to those who are not merciful to mankind. There is no point in professing to be a believer of any religion when all actions contradicts and contravenes God’s teachings. Islam is a beautiful religion, full of wisdom and harmony. Besides my own belief, I have always admired the teaching of Islam and its way of life. If this wonderful religion is followed properly then a typical Muslim would only be a great example to follow. But, too bad! Having SOME real narrow minded followers, it has become the fastest growing yet the world's most misunderstood religion. :"(

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  • nicely saiid brother. Pity he coudln't understand the basic of mutual understanding in harmony society.

    manggggeeee payyeen~

  • I read that guy's blog post and it really was pathetic and sad! But it's true. As a Muslim, I've heard the same thing being taught to me while I was a kid. My kid sister even came back from school one day and asked me if it was a sin to watch Bollywood! She said her friend told her so. Can you believe that?

    Well, your post has said it all. The sad thing about it is that these people are so narrow-minded and they justify their actions or inactions by using Islam as their reasoning. Poor dude!

  • ah.. just replied to mahen's post on the boy's blog post.

    like ratu syura said (who is obviously a Muslim girl), some narrow minded ppl r 'mis-using' the word religion for their own agenda. why do we wanna care for this ppl?


  • @ ratu syura

    Thanks for voicing out. Sad to know that young minds are being polluted with wrong ideas now and then. Young kids should be taught to differentiate the bad and good based on their own rational thinking and not to blindly follow whatever they see and hear from others.

  • I share your frustration as well.

    In Islam, there's no such thing as degrading other for what religion they committed too. And we, Muslim, should respect them (and you) for that, disregard the difference in our belief.

    Yes, I pity that guy and his dad, for still living in darkness, for still practicing the low level minded ideology, for being ignorance till when they only know.

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  • It's a very good post. It's heartbreaking when people misuse religion for their own narrow minded thinking. Many need to grow in their thinking. Thank you for sharing.

  • This would be a comment I sent to him..which is sure he gonna delete it..so I guess I can share it here..

    "Adoi ko ni asal mana sebenarnya? Hutan? Papua New Gini ke? Ko ni terencat akal ke pe sebenarnya?

    Name je muslim xpi perangai mcm [deleted]..oh ya aku tau ko ni salah satu puak yg fanatik yg cam [deleted] kan..Sejak bila agama Islam ada choosy sgt bab menerima service dari bukan Islam..yg ko dok bebel pasal kepala mulia la itu ini la..mcm dgn benda lain mcm makanan kamu, pakaian kamu argh den benda2 seharian ko la..itu pe kes..itu nak masuk katne? setahu aku kebanyakkan muslim ok je ptg dgn bukan islam..ko je yg tetibe merepek mcm ni..

    Korang nak tau x nape name Islam tercemar? Sebab perangai awk ni mcm ni la..Pe beza awk dgn bangsa [deleted] yg mereka ingat bangsa mereka je bagus..

    Ko jgn lupa ko tinggal kat Malaysia bukannye [deleted]..kalo duk kat cni mestilah nak bergaul dgn bangsa lain gak..

    Isu kau bukan isu perkauman? Ha ye la 2..Mcm bodooo je reason ko..kalo da ckp mengaku je la xyah nak berdalih..Islam melarang umatnye berbohong..aku pun heran nape ko xbace yg ni lak..mende lain yg xde dlm al-Quran sebok nak baca..hanye al-Quran je dari Allah xde benda lain..ada pun itu sesat..

    Semoga kau dapat kluar dari kehidupan kamu sesat yg kau fikir adalah Islam tulen..Oh ya yg Islam the only way of life? nape nak tiru agama len punye slogan..wat la sendiri..sok da pose..mula bertobat sesame ye..

    Hamba Tuhan,
    K (Sodeke)