$4-trillion Suit over British

20th August 2007

Few weeks back, we had Awang Selamat, the editor of Utusan Malaysia came out with his racially provoking statement that claims that Indians in Malaysia must be thankful for what they are getting in Malaysia and to stop complaining over their community problems. According to him, Malaysian Indians are living a better life compared to people in India itself. He further challenged HINDRAF to migrate from Malaysia if they think there are other countries outside that can assure a better life for Malaysian Indians.

"Sedarkah mereka bahawa nasib kaum India di Malaysia jauh lebih baik berbanding negara lain termasuk di India sendiri. Awang cabar HINDRAF supaya berhijrah dan tinggal di negara lain, yang mereka fikir lebih baik. Tindakan HINDRAF hanya akan mengundang gelombang kemarahan masyarakat bumiputera yang sudah begitu banyak beralah untuk kaum minoriti atas nama kontrak sosial." (Utusan Malaysia, 20 Ogos 2007).

30th August 2007

Eve of Merdeka. A Malaysian human rights lawyer has filed a $4-trillion lawsuit against Britain for alleged atrocities suffered by Indians whose forefathers were brought as indentured labourers to Malaysia during colonial rule. He is taking the British Government to court seeking £1m compensation for each of the currently estimated two million Indian Malaysians. His move has been supported by Britain-based Hindu Human Rights (HHR), which organised a protest outside the Malyasian High Commission in London on Friday (31) to mark the country’s 50th year of independence from the British.

10th September 2007

The President of HINDRAF went to US to meet the Senators and the Congressmen. He is currently on a trip to brief the US Congress and rights groups on $4-trillion the lawsuit filed against the British Government last week. He'll be highlighting the negligence and failure of the British in not entrenching the rights of the minority Indians in the constitution when they granted Malaysia independence.

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2 comments to "$4-trillion Suit over British"

  • Hey bro, i read about the suit. It was a bold move by the lawyer and indeed it will be an overwhelming success. Imagine all the indian be richer by RM2million and gaining the important spot in the country's status.

    But reality has to check it as well, although i hope for the suit to be won, the governments will never heed to our voices.. That is the sad plight in our country. The more i want to love Msia, the more they are pushing me away..

  • After reading this post, felt a kind of sadness in me.:(