In memory of Nurin Jazlin

A minute of silence..
My deepest condolences to her family
My sincere prayers, thoughts and energy will be with
in this time of loss and bereavement.
May God bless Nurin's innocent soul to rest in peace!


"Due to the overwhelming scientific evidence produced, the parents of Nurin Jazlin have decided to accept the body they inspected as of their daughter's.The body will be claimed this morning and funeral (burial) would probably be held after Friday prayers today."

Above is the statement from the blog set up by Nurin's uncle. The blog which was originally dedicated to the continuous search of Nurin Jazlin is now in memory of Nurin Jazlin.

The status of Nurin which was published as "missing for 31 days" has also been changed this morning to "confirmed murdered".


Right now, the nation's attention is focused on two little girls. One was cruelly murdered and lying dead namelessly. May God bless her soul. The other one is Nurin Jazrin that no one knows where in the world she is. She has been missing for more than four weeks. Also, there's a worry that her health condition is poor that she can get a stroke without proper medication.

Now, police has connected both the cases based on blood ties. The DNA test shows the body found stuffed in a sports bag on Monday in Petaling Jaya is that of missing girl Nurin Jazlin Jazimin. But the parents are in denial. They refused to accept the DNA result that the girl's body was their daughter's based on the physical condition of the girl's body. They claim that they know their daughter better than anyone else.

DNA test proved it YES! Parent's intuit saying a NO!

Oh my God! Somehow, I wish it is not Nurin :(

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