In search of Nurin Jazlin

Lately we have been listening to shocking stories and cruelties. Two days back, a little girl aged between 6 to 9 years old was sexually savaged and her naked body was stuffed into a sports bag and left at the staircase of shop lot at Petaling Jaya. There were bruises on her neck, suggesting that she may have been strangled and murdered in a very cruel way. On the other hand, there were three other children reported missing since 17th September near their homes at Bukit Beruntung and the runaway girls returned home after roamed more than 50km using public transport while people searching for them for more than 48 hours.

Damn! what's happening out there? Last month, an eight year old little angel, Nurin Jazlin Jazimin disappeared and there is still no news of her whereabouts. Besides her, there are 16 other children still on police list of missing persons. Nurin Jazlin, who suffers from a kidney ailment and has high blood pressure, went missing on Aug 20 at the night market in Section 1 of Wangsa Maju, just 100m from her home. Nurin's parents Jazimin Abd Jalil and Norazian Bistaman feared the worst when they were called to Kuala Lumpur Hospital to see if the body found in a bag in Petaling Jaya Utama was their daughter. But they emerged from the mortuary relieved as they were certain that it was not their daughter, judging from the face, skin colour and body. Leaflets featuring the picture and details of eight-year-old Nurin Jazlin Jazimin, were distributed at the Sungai Besi toll plaza in Kuala Lumpur last Friday. Also, A huge banner, hangs over the Sunway toll plaza of the LDP highway in Subang Jaya urging motorists to keep a lookout for Nurin Jazlin Jazimin who has been missing for the past three weeks. There's a blog dedicated to the continuous search of Nurin Jazlin.

Please do dedicate your prayers to Nurin Jazlin and all the others that they may be found safe and return back home very soon. That’s the least we can do! Also, Please keep an eye on your children and monitor them closely. The world outside there is no safer. Take care of yourselves and your loved ones.

4 comments to "In search of Nurin Jazlin"

  • That is really sad.. Wish these kids could return back to their home soon.. Will surely include them in my prayers..

  • @ shalini gowrisankar

    Yup. It's really sad. Worse case when police has confirmed by DNA tests that the body found stuffed in a sports bag is that of missing Nurin after all. I have no words to extent my sadness and anger :(

  • OMG! That's so so sad... Wonder why that small girl has to go through all this..It really made me shiver when I though how her last few minutes would have been.. May her soul rest in peace.. And hope no body else has to undergo all this.. And the people who were the cause for this should be severly punished... May her parents get all the strength to bear the loss... And Hope above hope I just wish her parents intution turn out to be true and Nurin returns back to them ..

  • samething happen here in the philippines. and on the headlines right now.