MIndsBlog's gathering, I was there :)

MIndsBlog, we had our first gathering last weekend at KL.

We met up at a restaurant. The table was full of food, fun, chicken briyani and ideas for future plans. It was really nice meeting some of you for the first time. Hope to see more in future. ;)

Some highlights of the day, off the record :

  • I arrived quite late; but much earlier than Praveen. :p
  • Raaja suppose to be late was there before anyone else. :p
  • Mahen gave a special appearance with his new look to the shock of Ammu. :o
  • Watermelon juice + mango lassie + apple juice = traffic light !?! :d
  • Some of us caught a movie after the meet up. It was first time me sitting on a front row of a cinema.
  • Three guys who suck at KL roads got onto the same car and lost their way. :D
  • Midvalley has a huge car park. It took us 10 minutes to get a parking space and 20 minutes to find back the exact place we parked the car. :f
We have lots of plans and agendas coming up next. So, keep an eye on MIndsBlog.

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