California Rally : 100th day unlawful detention of H5

It has been more than 100 days now,since the 5 Hindraf leaders were detained under ISA. People have been keep on pressuring the government to abolish ISA and release the Hindraf 5 immediately without any conditions. A few days back, Malaysiakini carried the voice of Senior lawyer and international jurist Param Cumaraswamy who urged the government to release Hindraf 5. He said that the recent results of the general election indicated that there was no longer any justification whatsoever for the continuation of their detentions.

Besides internal pressure, the governmrent is also receiving international attacks on this issue. A group of concerned Malaysian Indians residing in California, held a rally, at the United Nations Plaza, on March 22, 2008 to mark and protest the 100th day detention of 5 Hindraf leaders detailed unders ISA. They urged the government immediately release these five people as the government has failed to provide any evidence nor brought any charges against them. In their press statement, they demanded the Prime Minister, Dato’ Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to respect the human-rights of these five people, restore their freedom, and, return them to their families immediately, as befits the leader of a civilized nation and an adherent of Islam Hadhari.

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