The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

Last week I came across an exclusive review about a book in Sunday Star. The review featured Malaysians who achieved amazing results when they used a formula called the ‘law of attraction’ from The Secret, an inspirational movie (and now book). As a person who has a great interest in personal psychology, metaphysics and brain science, I was quite attracted by the book as the review stated that the content of the book clearly focused on the law of attraction, the power of positive thinking and the effectiveness of visualisation.

The Australian author of The Secret, Rhonda Byrne, introduces the book by admitting, "A year ago, my life had collapsed around me". Rhonda says she stumbled on what she calls The Secret at the end of 2004. At the time, everything in Rhonda's life had fallen apart—physically, emotionally and financially—and she was in "total despair." Then her father died suddenly, and she was worried about her grief-stricken mother. "I wept and wept and wept, and I didn't want my daughter to see me sobbing," Rhonda says.

That's when Rhonda's daughter gave her a copy of The Science of Getting Rich, a book written in 1910 by Wallace D. Wattles. "Something inside of me had me turn the pages one by one, and I can still remember my tears hitting the pages as I was reading it," Rhonda says. "It gave me a glimpse of The Secret. It was like a flame inside of my heart. And with every day since, it's just become a raging fire of wanting to share all of this with the world." Through searching for answers in a variety of books new and old, she began to trace what she believed was a common thread in them all. She dubbed it the "Great Secret—The Secret to Life".

Byrne became convinced that this was the key to explaining the success of "the greatest people in history" As she started practicing this secret, Byrne says that her life immediately began to change in ways nothing short of miraculous. She decided to make a video called The Secret to share her discoveries with others. In March of 2006 it was released on the Internet, but soon went to DVD. The Secret DVD had spun off a book by the same title which Oprah Winfrey catapulted to the top of the charts in February of 2007.

As I check for today, The Secret is still the one of thr best selling book at MPH bookstores and I think it is a the must read book and I'm just waiting to get my copy this weekend. I shall come back soon to share The Secret story with you guys. For those who are already in touch with the book, I wish you could drop some thoughts here.

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  • I wanted to read this book very much however haven't gotten any stock available. It is kinda of sad, so far i hunted down 3 bookstores but i was just unlucky.
    Today when I was in IM chat with you, guess what my sister called me and asked whether I wanted to purchase a copy of the book !!! I was amazed, Immediately I agreed. This is what called as Law of Attraction, ever since i read it on the Sunday Star something attracted to me since the beginning.
    You would be amazed if i say another thing, just after reading the Sunday Star, my uncle was talking high and down on a book, it is none other than The Secret :)

  • Hi.. Congrats! Somehow you have managed to get the book now :D Hope to hear from you more once you are done with The Secret!