Minister appologises to Sheena

Referring to the latest updates from Rocky's Bru and Shanghai fish, MOSTI minister, Dato’ Sri Dr. Jamaludin b Dato’ Mohd Jarjis has offered an appology to Sheena Moorthy in Boston over the remarks he made during a lunch with Malaysian students in Los Angeles last week. Sometimes, little comments or actions can hurt or offend others. But it is really great to know that we have people like Dr. J that has the decency to appologize when he knew he made a mistake. It's not about who "won" or who "lost." It's all about keeping a strong relationship among the multi racial society in a country which is proudly celebrating its 50 years of nationhood.

It's hard to apologize as many of us are ashamed or have too much pride to put down our ego and seek appology. This is a great value we have to learn from Dr. J. All men make mistakes, but only wise men learn from their mistakes and we must learn from the mistakes of others since we can't possibly live long enough to make them all ourself.

It is hallmark of mature society that its people from different cultures can exist alongside one another without tension. If we have not done so 50 years after independance, it is a high time we learn how.

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