Play to win

I have no idea why.. but, lately I am very much attached to books. May be because I have more free time - not like back in campus where tons of assignments and projects piled up on my desk, happily waiting for their due dates! So, now may be I can find more time for my reading and here is something interesting I want to share with you people.

Recently, I was reading the book "Why we want you to be rich", co-authored by Donald J. Trump - the world famous businees financial advisor and Robert T. Kiyosaki - well known personal finacial advisor.

While I was flipping through the pages, I came across an interesting case study on a problem encountered by Trump back in the early 1990s where Donald J. Trump stirred up a big controversy in Phoenix, Arizona. He wanted to build a luxury high-rise residential building on Camelback Road between 24th and 32nd Streets - one of the most sought-after locations in Phoenix. The problem was, Donald wanted to put up the tallest building in the city, and there were height restrictions. A controversy about the building raged for several years. Then in 1995, residents of the area voted that he would not be allowed to build his building.

To the astonishment of many people, Donald simply pulled out and did not pursue the matter further. And interesting to note, Donald was not disappointed in the outcome. “If I can’t build the tallest and best building, I don’t want to build,” he said. Plus at the time he was working on something even bigger and better, a spectacular new building in Dubai. “Why should I be upset with Phoenix when I am working on this?” he added. Donald could have battled on in Phoenix, won permission to build something smaller, and still made a lot of money from the project. But instead, he preferred to pursue larger dreams.

That underlying philosophy that Donald J. Trump applied in Phoenix - to pursue the biggest dream you can and not compromise which is also the thesis of the book: You succeed in life by pursuing big wins, not by avoiding small losses.

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  • hey dude...sounds still reading the rice mother book..can i borrow this book once ur done with it?

  • You succeed in life by pursuing big wins, not by avoiding small losses.

    It hold so much truth!

    :) nice write-up.


  • nice post dude..anyway ur in cyber jaya for how long??

  • Sounds like a great book... Will go get one for reads

  • Praveen,
    Actually I also borrowed the book from one of my friends. And you know what is the best part about it.. I read it halfway and accidently left it back in jb and now my dad is reading it! I usually exchange books with my friends so that we do not have to buy them all :)

    I'll be in Cyber till mid of July. And then, :( I have to be back in UTP for my final year!