The harder I work, The luckier I get

You can apply that to your own life, career and business as well. Look into the future a bit. Take the time to move yourself forward. If the indications are there, put in the extra effort to make something good even better, or bigger, or both. That's thinking big, and I'm no stranger to that concept and you shouldn't be either. I've had enough success to know that it works.

-Donald J. Trump

It has been a practice in most of the companies to give away diaries or planners to their employees in the beginning of the year. I received mine as well. And..yesterday afternoon as I was flipping through my Shell planner in the meeting room, I came across an interesting quote. The saying that printed in white on a page with a blue background sounds, "The harder I work, The luckier I get".

The quote was running in my mind for some time..I was trying to understand the hidden meaning behind that quote and how it works in our day-to-day life. Surprisingly, when I logged in to my email this morning, I found out that the quote appeared again in the Trump University newsletter that I have just received moments ago. There was an article written by Donald J. Trump with the title - The harder I work, The luckier I get. According to him, what Gary Player, the great golfer, said, "The harder I work, the luckier I get", remains solid nutshell advice that can apply to everyone.

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  • It hold so much truth. I always tell myself.. God only help those who help themselves. I see a similarity between these 2 quotes. :)


  • i dun like donald trump. Belagak even though he is just in not filth rich compared with others..he is not even in top 10 America's richy ppl rite? apppe yetheekke banthaaa..

    eh..i shud b saying it hahah..
    donald duck more impressive!

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  • I agree with you Mahen. He's kinda belagak and show off type, may be it comes together with the money - like a package!
    However, what I like about him is the level of confidence he has, the ability to think out of the box and the courage to finish whaterver task that he chose to do. I guess those are some of the real good ones that we need to grab from him!