Distance Relationship

Can a long distance relationship actually survive? May be not! if u agree with this, then I guess u should rethink again! I know that being in a long distance relationship can be sometimes very difficult and confusing as well! Missing your family, friends and as well as your sweethearts can be very difficult. It is hard to find perfect words to explain exactly how you feel, even the heartaches and loneliness that comes you way, when u having a long distance relatio nship. But there must be a magic attraction or tie that entails to make such a special relationship work. For those who in a long distance relationship, or may be if you and your sweetheart live too far apart to spend time in each other's presence whenever you desire.. Then, you should be able to grab what I m actually trying to bring forward over here! Distance cannot, and will not hurt a bond between two people that is based on mutual respect, trust, commitment, and love.

Long_2 I strongly believe that love and relationships are what make your life special, and that ones built on love and understanding are always worth preserving, regardless of the miles that may separate two people. There are many people that crazy over each other but are forced by circumstances to live apart... but how come their love still survives? It is because of the magic word called trust. Genuinely trust your significant other is the fundamental rule of distance relationship... because unbridled suspicion will quickly erode your relationship. Although you may feel like you are losing faith in your relationship at times, hold fast and trust your heart! It is not as same as a normal relationship where getting a goodnite kiss from your sweetheart is a routine for most people. Being far from your sweetheart is really a physical as well as mental challenge.. especially for people where a part of their significant other has actually grown into them! or may be that is what make them to sustain their love and relationship till today. Even though mobile phones, commuter marriages, online dating, bicoastal romance, long distance love on the Internet... has actually manage to reduce the distance between hometown honeys, but it will never be same as you having your loved ones right beside you holding your hands. When u live in a distance from you sweetheart.. every single phone calls, gifts and valentines card as well as birthday cards he or she has sent you will bring more meaning to your life. Distance is the one which made you spent hours choosing a valentine gift for your loved ones, thinking of the best surprise you can give them on that day! While writing a poem on the card you wanna send to your sweetheart, u’ll will be surprised looking at your own handwriting.. you know, it has never been so beautiful before this! U just wanna give the best to them. Hand phones will be your best friend as your mind will record every single bit of their voice and save it in your heart. Sometimes people have to go dozens of sleepless nights, missing their sweet heart looking up the sky and start to match each star with a reason why they miss them so much.. and most of the time.. they’ll juz ran out of stars! And there were also moments where u just wanna pick your sweet ones out of my dream and hug them for real! Those the are the times u actually realize how much love has grown in your soul and has rooted in your heart! Those are the days you actually realize how much your sweet ones has had colored your life!

Then.. u see dat distance actually made your love stronger.. Even thought you are miles away from your special ones…you can always feel their presence in your every single heart beat! Men from Mars and women form Venus.. probably just to see how far love can travel! The true test of love comes when being apart! Your relationship is successful only when your love manage to survive and sail smooth despite the distance!

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  • beautiful =)

  • Honestly, I don`t believe in this kind of love, even is i`m an incurable pro-love! It`s about strength, jealousy and power. I don`t know..it`s just so hard. It`s sincerely impossible.
    But, however, u`re right..nice post :)
    Greetings from Romania!