Quest for Peace

The very first moment I enter my office building every morning, I'll walk straight to the lobby to grab a copy of The Sun newspaper. Eventhough I don't read every single pages and articles, I'll make sure that I read through the important news before my breakfast. And today morning, I came across an interesting article in it. It is actually an exclusive interview with an author who writes on Judaism, Christianity, Islam and Buddhism.

Karen Armstrong, the former chatolic nun, most famous for her book A History of God was interviewed by The Sun during her visit to Malaysia as a speaker for Wisma Putra conference and youth dialogue earlier this month. She has advanced the theory that fundamentalist religion is a response to and product of modern culture. To neo-conservatives, she’s an “apologist for Muslims”. But to some Muslims, she’s unqualified to speak about Islam because she’s not Muslim. Malaysia, on its part, has banned three of her books, leaving us no space to read her in-depth study on religions.

According to her, all the major religions in the world liberating messages of peace, justice and compassionin their own distinct way. Karen Armstrong has shared her view on religious freedom and she highlights that people shall not be forced against their will.

Perhaps you would like read the interview with Karen Amstrong - Quest for Peace published in The Sun.

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