Vaji Vaji Sivaji

Somehow, manage to catch the show last weekend, within the first 48 hours after the release of Sivaji:The Boss. I was in Midvalley on Saturday noon, buying some stuff for myself and wanted to try my luck grabbing a ticket for Sivaji. I was lucky enough to get one of the last three remaining tickets for the 4pm show at GSC Midvalley.

I entered the cinema 15 minutes earlier just to catch some latest trailers before the show of most awaited Tamil movie of the year. When the movie started, instead of the words "Sivaji The Boss" I noticed something else on the screen.. It was "Sultan The Warrior". Shocked for a moment, I rechecked my ticket to make sure that I am at the right cinema. Then, I realized that it was the first look of the full-length animation movie called “Sultan The Warrior” which feature Rajni as Sultan. The Oscar Studio owned by Soundarya Rajinikanth along with Pooja Shetty, AD Labs is about to release the animation very soon. The intro for it was terrific and some of the crowd went crazy by looking at it! It was a big surprise for all of them there! ARR does the music for this 3D Animation movie and the music should hit the store very soon.

All right, back to Sivaji The Mottai Boss! Personally I feel the movie was superb. Shankar did a good job on video clips. The scenes and location and as usual the graphics was great enough. It was a very normal introduction scene for Rajni in the movie instead of the usual hu-hah intro with songs where they always show his legs and hands first before the face. ;p The song Ballelakka sung by SPB, Reihanna and benny wasthe first song with Nayanthara, making a guest appearance. It also features guest appearances from members of the technical crew including the director, Shankar and the cinematographer, Anand. The other songs and video clips were superbly done as well. The settings for the songs were carefully chosen to amaze people and ARR did a fantastic job when it comes to music. The graphics work in the Athiradi song was equally good to any other Hollywood movies out there. I was bit impressed with the first fighting scene where the fight will takes place in a shop that sells musical instruments and Rajini will be using the instruments around him to fight the enemies. It was more like a musical fight and ARR did an amazing job for that scene. to the story, Rajni is an America return NRI who wants to spend all his money on charity in India by building hospitals and universities to give free medical treatment and education to the poor. But he faces problem from the villain, Suman as Adhi where Adhi tries to stop him. At last Rajni lost everything and has nothing left in life. He starts back his mission with 1 rupee and finally made all his dreams come true. Rajini as Sivaji in the movie has portrayed his acting talents very well. There were also dialogues from his previous movies being used from time to time in between the scenes. Vivek as Rajni’s uncle, Arivu is in great form. His smart jokes, idioms, will make anyone break into a chuckle spontaneously. The whole movie was full of fun and comedy. The part where Rajni and Vivek crack jokes whenever they suppose to behave serious deserves a big round of applause. Well, putting it briefly and to the point, Shriya is simply stunning and gorgeous in Sivaji! Her acting was very well with good facial expression even though the way she talks looks a bit fake in some of the scenes. In overall, Sivaji is a movie with good mixture of comedy, action and fun that is worth watching twice.

Sivaji The Boss is the first tamil movie ever to be featured in UK top 10 box office. The film also re-wrote several Indian box-office records prior to release. It is the costliest production to date; costing about 80 crore rupees (US$ 15 million / RM 51 million) excluding Rajni's salary of 16 crores. The record for the costliest Indian production was previously held by the 2002 Bollywood film, Devdas which cost 52 crore rupees. Rajinikanth became the highest paid actor in India, receiving 16 crore rupees for his role in the movie

P/S : jom second show..this weekend!

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