A short break

Hi people..

I haven’t posted anything for the past few days. Kinda busy with lots of projects and work to handle and quite a number of problems to face as well. It was a busy and dull week and it might take me at least a few more days to gather back my lost momentum and to place everything back on track. Suppose to go to Global Indian Festival 07 held in Midvalley last weekend, but couldn't make it! Anyway, managed to attend Student Leadership Convention 2007 in UM. It was a five days event with lots of beneficial and great agendas. I was able to be there for the last two days of the convention. I will update you guys on that very soon! Till then.. here's something for you to ponder.

Everything in this world can be seen as you wish to,
Good or Bad; Simple or Complicated; Easy or Difficult,
Its not how things are; its about how you look at them,
...and how you look up to them is all up to you.

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