Is National Service a death trap? (2)

Guess what the government's take on this issue? The National Service programme will not be scrapped despite another death among the 18-year-old trainees. And, below are the words from NS Training Department director-general Datuk Abdul Hadi Awang Kecil :
"It is our policy that the NS camps go on. What we are doing now is to rectify the problem. The training programme will not be scrapped, just because of one or two deaths (this year)"
Hmm... Does that mean, it's okay for them to have one or two deaths every time during the NS training? I wonder how the parents are going to response to his silly words. When I was previously attached to a Multi National Oil and Gas company, I was actually preety amazed to experience the emphasis the company provided to create a Healthy, Secure and Safety Environment for their employees. They take employees welfare and safety very seriously until more than 2 million accident free man hours were made possible at the time I left the organization, a year ago. Why can't this national level programme under the MOD emulate such an industrial practice to increase the quality of the NS programme rather than giving a typical third class response to cover up their mistakes?

"just because of one or two deaths"... I wonder if the DG is having a verbal diarrhea, with his mouth overtaking his brain, uttering words even before they can be processed for release.

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6 comments to "Is National Service a death trap? (2)"

  • hopefully they abolish NS by the time i reach that age =x i wonder does these type of things happen in SG's NS

  • hahaha :P moga2 Kritz gets it! hahaha

    nice on pu,we can see how the NS is being treated like a childish programme with no serious intention of putting safety as the priority. Just think of the parents' loose a child tak pasal pasal in a national programme..

    its seriously not a cause to die for.


  • i think NS will go on till something happens to one of big shot's kid (wonder if they attend/complete the programme if they r chosen :P)


  • @kritz
    hahaha.. hopefully! I live very nearby to S'pore and I rarely hear such cases. Even if it happens, it'll be made public and given serious attention. Furthermore, Singapore's NS is more focused on national security which makes the duration of the NS trainings to be much longer with tougher trainings compared to what we have here in Malaysia. They have a better system for sure.

  • @bmahendran:
    Yeah.. this people are just proving that they do not have the credibility to cater a safe and healthy environment for kids. I hope the parents will protest all out against the negligence towards the welfare of NS participants. Sometimes, I wonder why most of them keep quiet on this issue!

    I wonder if those kids of big shots are chosen in the first place ?!?!

  • use simple logic guys... if the so-called 'big shots' had kids in the NS, one death is more than enough to never hear about the NS anymore. with the reports of rape, food poisoning, and other stuff on top of death (16 in 4 years, average of 4 a year), do you think they'll have their kids there??

    either abolish/scrap the NS altogether, or make it compulsory for EVERY citizen to go for it. then we'll see their balls drop!