Happy Mother's Day!

Today is the day to honor all mothers and express gratitude for the hardships they bear in bringing up a child. Walking down the memory lane of early childhood days, we'll find out that all our moms had a favorite quote and a special tone to scold us. We might hate this scoldings as a kid but we all so much miss them when we grow up. Here's some of mothers' perfect one liners which used to irritate all of us :

You know? Money does not grow on trees!
How can you be bored? I was never bored at your age
If I talked to my mother like you talk to me....
What if everyone jumped off a cliff? Would you do it, too?
Hmm.. Just wait till your father gets home.
Because I'm your mother that's why.
I've got eyes in the back of my head, that's how!
Pet? who'll end up walking, bathing and feeding it...?

Blessed be all mothers who have come into our lives,
Whose kindness, care and loving; remain with us to guide.


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