Is National Service a death trap?

On the 16th April, Afiq Zuhairi Ahmat Rozal - a National Service trainee died, five days after coming down with fever. Afiq Zuhairi Ahmat Rozal had been a trainee at the Kem Sentosa Chenderiang and his case had been classified as a sudden death.

That was last month. Now, another NS trainee, Too Hui Min, 18, died on Wednesday at the Slim River Hospital in Perak for the shock of everyone after complained of an upset stomach.

Are we to expect some one to drop dead in NS camps every single month? How much higher do we want the NS death toll to go to before something is done?

This is what Wikipedia has to say about Malaysia's NS training :
The security and cleanliness at most camps are very poor. In the more rural camps, communal bathing in murky ponds is practiced. The atrocious living conditions are speculated to be lower than announced cost of constructing the camp by the government. Sick trainees are NOT allowed to leave their camp even for treatment. This has been the cause of some trainees' death or illness. Sri Impian Camp, Sungai Bakap trainees suffered food poisoning due to food served on the first day of camp, 30th. December 2007. Investigations are still continuing until today and no results are seen.
In case you are not aware, Semanggol NS Camp that is currently under quarantine for some yet-to be-identified fever. 10 of its 300 trainees have been warded at the Taiping Hospital over the past few days while 80 others are being treated at the camp.

It's better to just scrap off this entire not-well-planned NS. At least, we could save more lives from the ‘deathly sentence’ of the National Service. The main objective of NS training is not to cater for national security but to plant patriotism and to cultivate the spirit of racial harmony among the kids. So, I feel the whole drama of NS is just to compensate what our education system has failed to deliver. The government should just need focus on ways to enhance our education system to suit the nation's needs and scrap this NS bullshit out of the way.

There have been too many casualties - an average of 4 cases per year. People are thinking twice to nod their heads "yes" to NS, as the MOD can't fulfil
l the most basic needs of safety and health in NS camps in order to win the trust of parents to send their children to the camps.

I think no one out there, parents especially, would tolerate a never ending series of death in NS camps caused by total inefficiency and carelessness. I can hear some of them screaming, "Just scrap it off lah!"

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