BBQ @ Sitiawan

I went for a BBQ party at my friend's place over the weekend. The lighting at the outdoor was so pretty, and the food table feels very warm and welcoming. There we around 15 of us and we had lotsa fun cooking and eating together. The evening followed by a few more activities and interesting games that I really enjoyed very much. Long story short, last Saturday was a blast. Thnx to Nisha for organizing it. Can't help not to put some of the pictures here. ;p

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  • Wow, that's nice. It is a very healthy thing to do. In this world, everyone seems to be busy and have no time for get-togethers or a proper meal with their own family or friends. But u guys had really organised and spend some quality time together. Keep it going......Cheerio

  • wah,bro never invited me also :(

  • hahah looks damn cun aa the surrounding..
    wei apsal tat yogen semme posing :p

  • @what a life
    Yes..once in a while we have to take a pause from our daily routine in order to stay away from the piled up workloads and pressuring datelines. It seriously help us to release some tension before we get back to work again!

  • @mohan
    hehe.. dun worry bro. Next time i'll arrange one at my home and i'll make sure you're in the list then.

    Yogen biasa lah. He is a poser what! Control macho some more. Anyway, we had a great time posing ;p

  • nice photos. runo is a silky terrier rite? :) i hv a pair too!


  • @tulipspeaks

    Finally I manage to find out what Runo is.. He is an Australian terrior, damn cute! I shall come and take a look at your silky pair too.