32 weeks later..

Thirty two weeks later, I am now back in my campus with the same old routine - morning classes, assignments, projects and due dates. Past eight months has been one of the great times of my life doing my industrial internship training in one of the multinational oil and gas company. Working at Shell Information Technology International (SITI) has given me the opportunity to learn and improve my technical, leadership, and interpersonal skills throughout the duration of my internship training. In short, It has been a great place for me to climb a steep learning curve in a short period of time.

To all my colleagues and friends, I deeply appreciate having had the opportunity to work with you guys. Millions of thanks for all the support, guidance and encouragement provided. I'll always cherish and remember the experience, memories and sweet moments we had together. Working with you people would remain one of the most memorable phases in my life. Thank you very much!

Some of my farewell snaps..

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